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We just can’t let go of Bob Knight

Don’t ask us why, we can’t explain it. Bobby Knight is just days into his retirement, but we’re already feeling nostalgic for the Knight era. We’ve hated the cantankerous old fart for decades now, but suddenly it’s as if our best friend took our dog and split town with our old lady. Okay, so it’s […]

The General quietly walks off the court for the last time

What can you say about Bob Knight that hasn’t already been said? Not much. The guy’s been called every name in the book from a S.O.B. to the G.O.A.T. And they all ring true in their own right. He was a pompous, arrogant, no-nonsense prick when he wanted to be, but there is no denying […]

You gotta choke a lotta kids to get 900 career wins

Like him or hate him, Bob Knight made history last night by upsetting the No. 9 Texas A&M Aggies 68-53, winning his 900th career game. Knight is the only Division I men’s basketball coach to reach the big 9-0-0, so we figured now is as good a time as any to relive some of the […]

Bob Knight hates impolite people

We’re sure you’ve seen the clips of Bob Knight going Bob Knight on his neighbor, but have you seen the entire drawn out video? These guys are arguing like a couple of school boys and they go on for nearly nine stinkin’ minutes. But don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of entertainment value in the […]

The Mike Leach speech leak

On Monday we told you about Mike Leach’s conspiracy theory involving Big 12 referees and the Texas Longhorns.  But we didn’t do his little tirade justice at all.   Listen, we know where you’re going with the whole breakfast metaphor, but once we hear chicken and pig references getting thrown around, we just can’t help […]

The Pirate Master is not a happy sailor

In case you thought that Mike Leach’s harsh comments didn’t extend beyond the four walls of the team locker room, guess again. The Texas Tech football coach went off in another press conference tirade on Saturday as he questioned the officials’ official officiating during the Red Raiders 59-43 loss at Texas. Last year in this […]

Texas A&M and Texas Tech are already in game day form

Tuesday was a big day for a Big 12 rivalry. Texas A&M hasn’t defeated Texas Tech in Lubbock since 1993, but that doesn’t mean squat to Aggies running back big, bad Jorvorskie Lane. We’re going to win in 2007,” Lane said. “That’s a guarantee. I promise you.” Asked what coach Dennis Franchione – who had […]

Mike Leach break his arm while bicycling…wait, bicycling??

We always took Leach as a scooter guy for some reason. Oddly enough our oddball injury of the day goes to one of college football’s biggest oddities, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. We’d like to say that it involves a pirate ship, a parrot and a plank, but that would just be wishful thinking. Leach […]

Florida continues adding to their championship caliber rap sheet

Okay, something strange is going on in the world of football. Florida and Texas seem to be having some competition over who can get the most players arrested in a calendar year. At the moment, the Gators are ahead by a nose thanks to safety Tony Joiner’s recent trip to the clink. Joiner became the […]

Hideous uniforms disorient Lions, allowing Kevin Curtis to go bananas

The Eagles uniforms might be the ugliest duds ever donned, but Donovan McNabb and Kevin Curtis sure did like the way they fit. The duo hooked up for a league record tying 205 yards on nine catches in the first half of Philly’s annihilation of the Lions. With touchdowns of 68, 12 and 43 yards […]

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