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Donovan McNabb doesn’t know NFL games can end in ties

The Eagles just had the first tie game in 6 years. ¬†Against the Bengals. ¬† And to add insult (or hilarity) to injury, here’s McNabb telling a reporter that he didn’t know NFL games can end in ties. ¬† Hmmm, I guess that explains the lack of urgency during the last couple minutes of the […]

Brian Westbrook’s decision to go down is still reverberating though the world of fantasy

Fantasy football participants across the globe still remember the exact feelings that rushed throughout their body during the final moments of last season’s matchup between the Eagles and the Cowboys in Week 15. Well, let’s rephrase that. Fantasy football participants across the globe who either owned Brian Westbrook or played against Brian Westbrook still remember […]

Hey, Calvin! Head over to Paddy’s Pub and tell `em we sent ya

As you’ve probably already figured out, we like to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. So, we thrilled to hear from Philadelphia Will Do that the latest fad is making fun of your favorite team. Luckily for Philadelphia Eagles fans, that shouldn’t be too hard to do. Let’s see: Horrible record? Check! Division […]

Hideous uniforms disorient Lions, allowing Kevin Curtis to go bananas

The Eagles uniforms might be the ugliest duds ever donned, but Donovan McNabb and Kevin Curtis sure did like the way they fit. The duo hooked up for a league record tying 205 yards on nine catches in the first half of Philly’s annihilation of the Lions. With touchdowns of 68, 12 and 43 yards […]

The Freak is officially a music video extra

So, it appears that Jevon Kearse has been donating his off the field services to some really crappy rappers for a really crappy song that got made into a really crappy video. Kearse makes a pair of brief but very impact appearances (3:40 and 1:46 marks) in Shawty featuring T-Pain and Symon Dagrapp’s single entitled […]

Odds and Ends: The Oregon Ducks are off the hook

Who puked up this color scheme? The Philadelphia Eagles are celebrating their 75th season in the National Football League, so in order to commemorate the occasion, the Eagles will be dressed in the franchise’s 1933 throwback uniforms. Oh, but these aren’t just any unis; these are quite possibly the ugliest uniforms ever worn in the […]

Source: Eagles tell Stallworth to take a hike

A inside source tells us that the Eagles asked Donte Stallworth’s agent Drew Rosenhaus for premilinary numbers for their contract negotiation and Rosenhaus came back with “absurd numbers”. The Eagles have now told Rosenhaus that they are no longer interested in signing Stallworth and will move forward accordingly. While it has been rumored and speculated […]

Odds and Ends: It’s not a good time to be Andy Reid

The story just keeps getting worse for Andy Reid. Not only are two of his sons in trouble with the police (one for drugs, the other for waving a handgun at another motorist), the drug incident isn’t just some weed like we all figured. It turns out that Garrett Reid used heroin before the traffic […]

RIP Andre Waters

While many people will think of cheap shot artist and “Dirty” when thinking about Andre Waters (thanks a lot Dan Dierdorf, you dick), Eagles fans will remember the undersized safety that played with a passion and intensity that was indicative of the Buddy Ryan era Eagles and especially of the 1991 Gang Green defense, a […]

The bad kind of nudity

Not only did Eagles fans have to endure a mindboggling loss on a 62 yard field goal by a guy who hadn’t even made a 30 yarder all year, any die-hard fans who went to official Philadelphia Eagles website to watch the post game interviews and pressers stumbled upon some unexpected full frontal nudity during […]

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