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“"Happy birthday, Mr. Bush. Happy birthday to you. Tee-hee!”””””

Life is good for Reggie Bush. After getting blindsided in the National Championship against Texas in 2006, the Heisman winner has put together a nice career for himself in New Orleans and appears poised to become one of the fiercest all-around weapons of mass destruction in the entire NFL. And speaking of weapons of mass destruction, quite possibly Bush’s greatest achievement since going pro was hooking up with the well-endowed Kim Kardashian. Not only is she a sex queen, a Playboy model and the envy of flat-assed white girls the world over, but she does stuff like this for her man.

Kim Kardashian says on her website that she recently had laser treatment to get rid of cellulite on and around her ass. She says she got it because she wanted to be in great shape for a calendar she made for her boyfriend Reggie Bush’s birthday.

God bless you Kim Kardashian, God bless you.


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New Orleans Saints

Maxim has found the F Da Eagles Saints Girl

Her parents must be so proud:

-“You know my daughter Heather?”
-“Oh, you mean F**k Da Eagles Heather? I saw her spread in Maxim.”

Yes, the fine folks over at Maxim immediately jumped onto the instant celebrity bandwagon and hunted down Heather Rothstein, the girl who wore the shirt on the Eagles-Saints telecast that said “Fuck Da Eagles“. She looks pretty good in the Maxim spread. For looking like ass on TV, she claims that she was completely wasted. We’ll reserve judgment.

She says that she went to the Saints-Bears game in Chicago and it was the worst experience of her life.

I had a really crappy experience in Chicago. People threw eggs, donuts, beer and snowballs at us. And they were cowards about it. They would throw something at us, and then we’d turn around and nobody would be there. I mean, if you have the balls to throw an egg at me you better have the balls for me to kick your ass.

It was the most terrible sports experience I’ve ever been through. And the dick-to-chick ratio sucked. For every 500 guys there was one girl. It was terrible. And in New Orleans, it’s guy-girl, guy-girl, guy-girl. It’s southern hospitality down there. We’ll get you shit-faced on Bourbon Street before we whoop your football team’s ass, and then we all drink together again after. So it was like a real culture shock for me. I was like “Wow, you guys suck!” They were mean.

Heather has season tickets and sits in the same seats every game. Looking at the 2007 schedule, we’re gonna need extra security around there as the Eagles visit New Orleans… and, well, Eagles fans travel well and are insane. Good luck next year, Heather, and for chrissakes, please don’t start writing for CNNSI.

[Maxim]: F**k Da Eagles Heather photos

New Orleans Saints

Classy Saints Fan

Nice of Fox to show this during the Saints-Eagles game and stay on her for 5 seconds. Fuck Da Eagles? A trailer somewhere is missing its trash.

NFL General

Around the NFL: Week 13 Recap

1. Rex Grossman stinks: The Bears clinched the division title even though Rex Grossman went 6 for 19 for 34 yards, 0 TDs, and 3 INTs. At one point in the game, Rex’s passer rating was 0.0 and he had as many INTs as he had completions. The fans in Chicago must seriously be worried about their QB situation. The defense and Devin Hester can only bail you out so many times. And Brad Johnson won’t be giftwrapping 4 INTs in the playoffs. From the Chicago Tribune: “I’ve hit a little slump,” Grossman offered, which is kind of what the Titanic said to the iceberg.”

2. “Nobody celebrates like a Grammatica“: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman can make fun of Bill Grammatica all they want but Martin came up clutch against the Giants and the Cowboys now have a stranglehold on the NFC East, where they were previously 1-3. The Giants meanwhile are looking like the Raiders with their personal fouls and false starts at home. By the way, why does Tom Coughlin stare in disbelief after every single play. Yeah, Tom, it happened. Stop acting like some act of God went against your team and just focus on coaching up the next play.

3. Bush’s breakout game: Reggie Bush certainly was impressive in the Saints’ win over the Niners yesterday. He had 3 rushing and 1 receiving TD but let’s not go overboard and give him the rookie of the year award yet. He isn’t even the Rookie of the Saints. That distinction (and offensive ROY) belongs to Marques Colston with 54 catches, 869 yards and 7 TDs. While Bush’s 4 TDs in one game is impressive, Colston has been more of a consitent scoring threat this season and has been very important in Drew Brees’ stellar year and the Saints run to the playoffs.

4. So much for the Dolphins: Remember Joey Harrington’s “Why can’t we win 9 in a row?” statement? Well, Joey, because you threw an interception at the Jaguars’ 8 yard line and then you threw another interception at your own 23 yard line. Any talk of the Dolphins making a run to the playoffs with was squashed in a 24-10 loss to the Jaguars. Instead of being 6-6 and within a game of the wildcard, the Dolphins are 2 games out and behind 5 teams for the 2 wildcard slots. What if Nick Saban had gone with Drew Brees or even Joey Harrington from the get go?

5. We want Jake!: While most people agree that Jay Cutler will be a fine QB eventually, the move by Shanny to bench Plummer isn’t looking as good as Parcell’s decision to bench Bledsoe. Other than the 71 yard TD pass towards the end of the game, Cutler was completely underwhelming in his debut. The only lengthy drive that he steered was in the second quarter but that TD drive was mostly a result of a Tatum Bell 31 yard run and a 15 yard personal foul on the Seahawks. (Cutler did throw a nice ball to Stephan Alexander for the TD.) The road doesn’t get any easier as the Broncos head to San Diego next week. However, the rest of the season does include two games against JV secondaries (Arizona and SF) where Cutler can get tuned up for the playoffs.

6. BORRRRRRRRRING!: Finally, ESPN gets hosed again with another Monday Night matchup that shouldn’t be interesting to anyone not in Carolina or Philly. While NBC has been getting great games on the Sunday night broadcast, we’ve had to sit through such coma inducing games on MNF like Chargers @ Raiders, Packers @ Eagles, Patriots @ Vikings, Raiders (again?) @ Seattle, Bucs @ Panthers, and Seahawks @ Packers (again?). Why exactly were the Packers on MNF twice this season? Oh right, Theisman and Kornheiser made sure their contracts included ample opportunity to knob Brett Favre.

NFL General

Nov 2 in Sports History: Useless NFL record trivia

In 1969: If you had to answer the trivia question, “Name the two quarterbacks who combined for an NFL record 12 touchdown passes in one day,” an easy guess would be something like Dan Marino and Jim Kelly in the old Miami-Buffalo shootouts, or John Elway vs. Dan Fouts, or even a Joe Namath-Johnny Unitas clash. Of course, you’d be way off. In a game at St. Louis’ Busch Stadium, two unlikely gunslingers named Billy Kilmer of the Saints and Charley Johnson of the Cardinals put on an aerial display that would’ve made Broadway Joe himself blush with inadequacy and embarrassment (not that wearing pantyhose ever did). Each tossed six TD passes and threw for well over 300 yards in the Saints 51-42 victory. Of course, neither team could keep up the pace the rest of the season (or the century, for that matter), as the Cardinals finished 4-9-1 while the Saints didn’t have a winner until 1987.

In 1997: Chargers’ running back/kick returner tied his own NFL record when he ran back two punts for scores – including an 85-yarder – in a 38-31 loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati. Metcalf also pulled the same trick in October of 1993 against the Pittsburgh Steelers while playing for the Cleveland Browns. Metcalf holds the NFL record with 10 career punt returns for touchdowns. Useless trivia to take into your weekend (we know it’s only Thursday, but hey, take a long one!): Metcalf was traded at the end of the season from San Diego to Arizona so the Chargers could move up one spot in the draft. Who did the Chargers end up jettisoning Metcalf for? Ryan Leaf. Ouch. (The ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia).

New Orleans Saints

Odds and Ends: Adidas should thank the NFL for the free advertising

Golden cleats

Reggie Bush was fined for wearing Adidas cleats in his first preseason game by the NFL because they have a marketing deal with Nike and Reebok. Well Adidas is covering the fine for Bush and we suspect they would do it every week if need be because of the free publicity the NFL is giving them. Sponsorship dollars is one thing but players should be able to wear whatever equipment they want as long as it fits within the color scheme and is a matter of personal preference.

In other news…

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NHL General

August 9 in Sports History: Great One sold to the Kings

In 1988: In a move that shocked the hockey world, Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Edmonton Oilers (where he had just recently won his fourth Stanley Cup), to the Los Angeles Kings. Gretzky, along with Marty McSorley and Mike Krushelnyski, came to L.A. in exchange for Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, three first-round draft picks and cash (it was rumored that Edmonton was in serious financial trouble). It was arguably the biggest trade in sports history. Gretzky’s arrival in Tinseltown signified an increase (albeit temporarily) in the NHL’s popularity, as teams began popping up in non-traditional markets such as Anaheim, San Jose, Florida and Nashville. Two years after the trade, however, the Oilers got the last laugh by winning the Cup without the Great One in 1990. Gretzky’s Kings reached the Finals in 1993, but lost to the Montreal Canadiens. He retired in 1999 as the NHL’s all-time leading scorer by more than 1,000 points.

In 1975: Almost 30 years to the day it was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Saints played their first-ever game in the Louisiana Superdome. The Saints lost the exhibition game to the Houston Oilers, 13-7. After not playing there the entire 2005 season because of the damage, the Saints plan on returning in 2006.

New Orleans Saints

Odds and Ends for Tues May 1 2006: Reggie Bush is still #1

They don’t even know what number he’ll be yet but they don’t care. Saints fans have already ordered 15,000 Reggie Bush Saints jerseys. At 75 bucks a pop, that’s more money than the value of the house his parents live in for free. You think anyone cares about the housing scandal? We hear the Texans have already sold 4 Mario Williams jerseys.

In other news…

[Newsday]: (via Ben ESPN ratings for the NFL draft were up year over year from 4.1 to 4.7 despite competition from the NFL Network.

[ESPN]: Marcus Vick is headed to rookie QB camp in Miami. The good news is that if anyone tries to jack him, he’s strapped.

[MSNBC]: Why settle for one when you can ask for two? Schwarzenegger wants 2 NFL teams in LA.

[Reuters]: Reggie Evans fined $10k for testicle pull.