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Top 10 Dumbest in-game Injuries: #1 Bill Gramatica

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten dumbest in-game injuries in sports. And here it is folks, the all time dumbest in-game injury in sports history.]

While it certainly is debatable whether #2 Gus Frerotte really should get the honor of the dumbest in-game injury of all time, the fact that he’s a kicker and it was with the laughingstock Cardinals puts Bill Gramatica over the top. Gramatica got injured celebrating a made field goal in the first quarter. While jumping and contorting in typical Gramatica fashion, he landed awkwardly and tore ligaments and cartilage in his right knee.

Bill was placed on injured reserve and missed the remainder of the season. Arizona went on to lose the game to the New York Giants 17-13 but Gramatica won his way into the dumbass hall of fame. Sadly, Bill’s days in the NFL are over and we can only cringe at the thought of a similar performance from his overly enthusiastic brother Martin.

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Matt Leinart needs to save us

Where are you Matt? You become a father and all of the sudden you’re too good to make headlines banging a starlet or two? (And in the Paris Hilton case, starlet is a real stretch.) We’ve been reduced to rumors about Tony Romo going on a date with Jessica Simpson — which is based solely on his MNF getting to know Tony Romo segment where he lists Jessica Simpson as his celebrity crush.

It’s pretty interesting how these rumors get started. Bob Sturm from Dallas’ The Ticket 1310AM republishes an email from a reader and all of the sudden, he is linked to a “source” that says Romo and Simpson went on a date. Kind of like how the rumor got started that Chris Pronger got a television reporter pregant and had to move out of Edmonton. Is that how easy it is to start a rumor? He’s a rumor for you: Jessica Simpson looks like a man. Or is that kind of just an opinion? We never understood the fascination with JS. Yeah, she’s got huge cans but if you wanted to look at a man face with huge cans, there’s always Bill Parcells, who’d be a lot more fun to talk to. Here’s a pic of Simpson with her new colagen lips.

Speaking of Matt Leinart, ever since his breakout game vs the Bears on MNF, he’s thrown 5 INTs and only 1 TD.

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Nov 2 in Sports History: Useless NFL record trivia

In 1969: If you had to answer the trivia question, “Name the two quarterbacks who combined for an NFL record 12 touchdown passes in one day,” an easy guess would be something like Dan Marino and Jim Kelly in the old Miami-Buffalo shootouts, or John Elway vs. Dan Fouts, or even a Joe Namath-Johnny Unitas clash. Of course, you’d be way off. In a game at St. Louis’ Busch Stadium, two unlikely gunslingers named Billy Kilmer of the Saints and Charley Johnson of the Cardinals put on an aerial display that would’ve made Broadway Joe himself blush with inadequacy and embarrassment (not that wearing pantyhose ever did). Each tossed six TD passes and threw for well over 300 yards in the Saints 51-42 victory. Of course, neither team could keep up the pace the rest of the season (or the century, for that matter), as the Cardinals finished 4-9-1 while the Saints didn’t have a winner until 1987.

In 1997: Chargers’ running back/kick returner tied his own NFL record when he ran back two punts for scores – including an 85-yarder – in a 38-31 loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati. Metcalf also pulled the same trick in October of 1993 against the Pittsburgh Steelers while playing for the Cleveland Browns. Metcalf holds the NFL record with 10 career punt returns for touchdowns. Useless trivia to take into your weekend (we know it’s only Thursday, but hey, take a long one!): Metcalf was traded at the end of the season from San Diego to Arizona so the Chargers could move up one spot in the draft. Who did the Chargers end up jettisoning Metcalf for? Ryan Leaf. Ouch. (The ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia).

College Football

Odds and Ends: The OTHER college football brawl

In the all the hullaballoo over the Miami-FIU brawl last week, overlooked was the brawl that broke out after the Holy Cross v. Dartmouth game. After winning the game on an 18 yard field goal, Holy Cross players started dancing on the D at midfield. Understandably, the Dartmouth players were displeased and a melee developed. The two schools proved that they might be Div I-AA in football but they could brawl as well as the D1 schools. While no one brandished a helmet like a battle axe, there were crutches waved about. Police are reviewing the videotape and arrests could be made. Unfortunately we don’t have pics or video of the fight but we do have a photo of Keggy the Keg, greatest unofficial mascot outside of the F&M Fightin’ Amish.

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Denny Green makes no sense

Now that you’ve seen the video of his press conference, can we ask what exactly Denny Green is saying?

We played them in the preseason. Who the hell plays the third game in the preseason like it’s bull—-? Bull—-! We played them in the third game. Everybody played three quarters.

If anyone can explain this quote to us, please let us know. Who the hell gives a press conference like it’s bullshit! bullshit! This will go into the record books as one of the best post game pressers of all time. It gets funnier with every viewing.

Instead of talking about the Bears being who they thought they were and crowning them, can someone tell Denny Green that he should perhaps concentrate on the Arizona Cardinals who don’t deserve to be an NFL franchise. Can we ship em up north to Canada? Better yet, can we create a broomball league with the Cardinals, the Texans, the Royals, the Devil Rays, and the Raptors and watch hilarity ensue?

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Odds and Ends: No Pink Taco in Arizona

Sorry Arizona residents, the Arizona Tourism and Sports Authority has nixed the $30M proposal by the Pink Taco restaurant group for naming rights to the Cardinals’ new stadium. This shouldn’t be a suprise as there was no chance of a stadium called The Pink Taco. It just couldn’t be done. When the Eagles lost their first two games in the new home, the newspaper headlines said “Stink at the Linc”. Imagine what it would’ve been if the Cardinals lost at home to, say, the Raiders or the Giants.

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