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So who was the blonde with Bill Belichick?

We were going to originally put this in the Odds and Ends column for today but once in a while, we like to get all US Weekly up in here. While the Boston Herald Inside Track girls were the first to post about Bill “Ladykiller” Belichick and an “unidentified blonde”, Tom Curran over at NBC Sports Blogs has identified her as Linda Holiday from Florida.

[Update: Sadly, it is not the same Linda Holliday so just ignore the rest of this post. Bleh. We’ll leave the celeb gossip mongerering to the experts from now on.]:

From Florida? That’s all we get? Come on Tom. Is she from the school, or just the general state? Well, that’s why Google kicks ass. A little googling has turned up Linda Holliday from Medical Broadcasting Company.

Her bio says “In her career, Linda has directed the marketing efforts for the regional sports channels of Cablevision, for SBK Pictures, and has also served as an independent marketing consultant.” So there you go, Bill had access, so to speak. It looks kinda like her and until someone comes up with better evidence, we’re inclined to believe it’s her. Boy we feel kind of dirty now. How does Page Six do it every day?

Oh by the way, we still haven’t seen a picture of Sharon Shenocca, the secretary with the Giants that Bill broke up the marriage of. Anyone? Anyone?

[The Big Lead]: Belichick Snares Cougar, Squires Her to NCAA Final

NBA General

Bracket o’ babes

Your defending champions, the Miami

Now that the madness of March has settled into a slight commotion, it’s time to turn our attention to bigger, better and more beautiful things. But that’s not hard to do when you’ve been staring at Joakim Noah and Lorenzo Mata for the past three weeks.

The NBA has a tournament of their own going on right now and involves all 30 of the league’s dance teams. That’s right, hot chicks biting and clawing each other for the golden opportunity of being named the fans’ favorite group of babes.

The beach bunnies from Miami are the reigning champions and it’s pretty easy to see why, so they were granted a first round bye in this year’s tourney as were the other finalists from Sacramento. The other 28 teams are being forced to have their popularity voted on by the fans in order to advance.

There’s nothing quite like a good chick fight and so far, the Spurs Silver Dancers have squeezed out a close one over Golden State to advance and play the Sonics hotties who destroyed the T-Wolves dance squad out West. And in the East, the Raptors girls got the best of Bean Town while Indiana’s farm girls pounded the snot out of Cleveland.

The current match-ups for your voting pleasure are Houston vs. Los Angeles Clippers and Atlanta vs. Charlotte. Have fun breaking down those contests.


[]: NBA Dance Team Bracket

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds and Ends: In case you want to get Jeff Garcia something for his wedding

Some guy over at the Fanhouse did some top-notch investigative journalism and found Jeff Garcia and Carmella DeCesare’s wedding registry on Williams-Sonoma. For a guy who just signed a $7M contract, Garcia’s registry is somewhat normal. Outside of a $1,600 knife set (on sale for $1,200!), it’s like a registry you’d find for poor people. (Poor relative to NFL players poor, not we’re registered at K-Mart poor.)

Anyone want to chip in on some Blueberry Waffle & Pancake Mix? Only $9.50 plus shipping!

In other news…

[AP]: EU wants barriers to sports bets lifted. (meanwhile we can’t even legally have an office pool)

[Seal Clubbers]: Seattle closes the door on Jerramy Stevens

[Can’t Stop the Bleeding]: Hey at least he didn’t wait till he was 24 like Shaun Alexander

[Newsday]: Bob Uecker’s stalker is back!

[Awful Announcing]: Does this mean we have to hate UNC now?

[49ers News]: Look out Niners fans, Rosenhaus is trying to ruin your team

All Other Sports

What’s this? Another hot babe in the IRL?

We are very desirous that a hot babe succeed in racing… mainly because we are shallow and we like hot babes. (Sue us.) Milka Duno is that hot babe (exhibit 2, exhibit 3). Now, we don’t know a damn thing about racing but Milka’s bio is pretty impressive.

Talent, beauty and youth are just a few of the many adjectives that define the image of Milka Duno. By education and training a Naval Engineer with four master’s degrees – in Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Maritime Business and Marine Biology – Milka earned the last three simultaneously.

As “Venezuelan Auto Racing Driver of the Year” in 2000 and “American Le Mans Series 2001 Vice Champion Driver” in the 675LMP class, Milka has attracted the attention of motorsport fans worldwide – and from influential people in the organizational and competitive areas of motorsport in the USA and Europe. In 2002 Milka became the first woman in the history of sportscar racing to pilot the fastest and most technologically-advanced sportscar in the world – the Le Mans Prototype 900, and the first woman in history to pilot the fastest car in the Open Telefonica World Series – the last step on the ladder to Formula One.

She can drive better than us and she’s smart. If she can somehow win a big race in the U.S., or better yet, release a sex tape, she’d be a woman we love. Danica Patrick is ok… but we’ll take Milka please. Did we mention she’s Latin?

[]: Official Site

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Safin’s babe trades up

Worth $2.5 billion?

You might not know who Daria Zhukova is, but you’ll probably remember her as the smoking hot babe that was hanging out at all of Marat Safin’s tennis matches some months back. Well, she’s apparently moved on from Safin and into a much more profitable relationship. Zhukova, 25, also known as Dasha, is now rumored to be with playboy Roman Abramovich, 40.

Abramovich is a Russian businessman and owner of the Chelsea football club. In other words, the guys freakin loaded. But he’s now considerably lighter in the pocket after he settled to pay his ex $2.5 billion in the most expensive divorce of all time. But taking into account that Abramovich is worth a cool $18.7 billion and his wife Irina, 39, only got away with $2.5 makes his trade in for Dasha quite a steal. Irina could have scratched and clawed her way to half of his fortune probably, but nobody is going to argue when $2.5 billion is thrown on the table.



New England Patriots

Tom Brady really is going for the baby daddy record

Can someone sit Tom Brady down and explain to him where babies come from? Because getting 2 chicks pregnant within the span of a season is not something the poster boy for NFL quarterbacks should be doing. A Brazilian website equivalent of Page Six is reporting that Gisele Bundchen is two months pregnant and Tom Brady is the father.

Sweet baby Jesus. At this rate, he’ll overtake Shawn Kemp by the 2009 season. Hey Tom, you know Visa’s Five Layers of Protection only apply to credit card purchases right?

[Boston Globe]: Report: Bundchen pregnant by Brady

General Sports

Poppy Montgomery is February’s Woman We Love

With nearly a quarter of the votes, Poppy Montgomery wins the February Woman We Love election. (We suspect that some fan sites had a little to do with it.) In any case, it was an excellent choice. Based on the TV show, we didn’t realize that Poppy was so hot.

Here’s the mini bio from wikipedia and a couple of links.

Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue (born 19 June 1972 in Sydney, New South Wales) is an Australian actress.

She chose her mother’s maiden name, Montgomery, as her stage name. She left Australia at 16 to be with her then-boyfriend. They broke up, and she arrived in Hollywood at 18 carrying a copy of How to Make It In Hollywood.

She currently stars in the American television series Without a Trace. Montgomery was the “cover girl” for the May 2005 Stuff, which labelled her “TV’s Hottest Cop.” She has also appeared in Maxim, FHM and posed nude in the art magazine Black+White.

Sounds like we have to get our hands on a copy of Black+White.

Ask Men picture gallery photo gallery

Maxim photo shoot
random PNSFW photo

New York Yankees

When it comes to nipples, everyone has standards

People say that the world is in a sad decline and standards have gone out the window. May we present the story of Gia Allemand, student by day, engaged to Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano by night. Gia is hot. And when you’re hot and want attention, what do you do? You enter Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest.

However, it doesn’t end there. Gia was also pursued by Penthouse for a spread. (Take that, Anna Benson!) However, Gia is a girl of high moral standards and would only do a photo spread if she could cover her nipples with her long hair. Meanwhile, Penthouse too has their standards, a “no hair over the boobs” policy. We imagine their response to Gia to be something along the lines of “we’re Penthouse, you’re lucky you’re not getting peed on.” See? Standards. Alive and well.

Meanwhile, Carl Pavano is still useless.

[WBRS]: The Next Anna Benson…Ms. Gia Allemand

[Maxim]: Gia’s hometown hottie page

General Sports

Odds and Ends: More on the SI Swimsuit Issue

We thought SI was trying too hard and making a mistake by putting Beyonce on the cover. Now we see they are trying to even harder with this new Swimsuit photos in 3-D business. By layering pictures, they are creating a 3-D effect. Hot models in 3-D? Sign us up! But the technology is really poorly done. All that happens is the reader just ends up with a moving blurring photograph that sucks. Stick to the basics, SI, that’s what got you $35M in ad revenue for the swimsuit issue in the first place. Check out Slate’s Intellectual History of the Swimsuit Issue. (Oh by the way, nice ipod.)

In other news…

[]: Bobby Petrino gives Michael Vick more rope to hang himself responsibility

[Toronto Star]: Grey Cup naming rights to be sold

[The Big Lead]: Sacramento State Girls Know How to Party (Well, the Soccer Team Does)

[Can’t Stop the Bleeding]: Toronto still loves Vince Carter

[]: All Star “Snubs” – An Exercise in Intellectual Laziness

And finally, we have two wrestling stories. First is a good one about a wrestler with no legs who is kicking ass in Missouri. The second… well, just watch the clip below. (We don’t know what the hell is up with the audio.)

General Sports

Odds and Ends: Is Beyonce the worst SI cover ever?


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue sales must have been down last year because this year, they are jumping on the celebrity bandwagon by having Beyonce on the cover. How is it possible that Marissa Miller (possibly the hottest SI swimsuit model ever) has never graced the cover but Beyonce gets it? The SI cover has been pretty sacred ground… until now.

Beyonce is perhaps one of the most overrated celebrities of our time. She is the Derek Jeter of pop stardom. Hell, for someone who is desperately trying to launch an acting career, she was out-acted by an American Idol loser in a movie she should have owned. Not only that, she wasn’t even the first choice for her role.

OK, so clearly Beyonce looks super hot on the SI cover but that’s because they fixed her wig and her mustache.

In other news…

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And finally… Valentine’s Day Pat O’Brien Style. Forgot to get a card? You can print out our handy version.