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Odds and Ends: Is Beyonce the worst SI cover ever?


The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue sales must have been down last year because this year, they are jumping on the celebrity bandwagon by having Beyonce on the cover. How is it possible that Marissa Miller (possibly the hottest SI swimsuit model ever) has never graced the cover but Beyonce gets it? The SI cover has been pretty sacred ground… until now.

Beyonce is perhaps one of the most overrated celebrities of our time. She is the Derek Jeter of pop stardom. Hell, for someone who is desperately trying to launch an acting career, she was out-acted by an American Idol loser in a movie she should have owned. Not only that, she wasn’t even the first choice for her role.

OK, so clearly Beyonce looks super hot on the SI cover but that’s because they fixed her wig and her mustache.

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2 replies on “Odds and Ends: Is Beyonce the worst SI cover ever?”

generally i think beyonce is hot — She also has the personality of a doorstop. To answer your question, I agree that it’s not a great cover. It’s not even a good pic of Beyonce; I have seen her look so much hotter. Is it the worst SI swimsuit cover ever? Maybe you should post them all and let us compare :-)

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