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Proof that Jean Girard isn’t the only dillhole in auto racing

“Listen, kid, I said `No autographs!!'”

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Odds and Ends: Overtime hockey bumped by horse interviews

Glass completely empty

Everyone sort of agrees that even if you don’t like hockey very much that playoff hockey is exciting as hell. And overtime playoff hockey is basically the tits and/or ass. So how could it be possible that NBC decided to dump their hockey coverage of the Sabres/Senators in overtime to go to their coverage of the Preakness two hours before the actual race?

This makes absolutely no sense to us and we think it’s a travesty that the NHL has so little pull/cache that interviewing a bunch of rich jackasses about their horses takes precedence over an exciting sport where there are actual athletes.

In other news…

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And finally, a really fascinating look at how the NBA Draft became a lottery.

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The world’s highest paid athletes 25 and under

Highest paid athlete 25 and under

Business week released their list of 27 athletes under the age of 25 who are stuffing their bank accounts. They took the top 3 earners each from nine sports and compiled a slideshow — which means you have to click next 26 times to get the full list. We hate that. So here is the list for you lazy clickers. Note that this list is based on salary and does not include endorsements.

Joe Johnson: 25 years old, $12.7M in 2006-2007
Zach Randolph: 25 years old $12M in 2006-2007
Carlos Boozer: 25 years old $11.6M in 2006-2007. (ripped off blind man in 2004)

Vince Young: 23 years old, $9.7M in 2006

Reggie Bush: 22 years old, $9M in 2006
Mario Williams: 22 years old, $9M in 2006

Roger Federer: 25 years old, $8.3M in 2006
Justine Henin: 24 years old, $4.2M in 2006
Maria Sharapova: 20 years old, $3.8M in 2006

Cristiano Ronaldo: 22 years old, $12.4M in 2006
Wayne Rooney: 21, $11.7M in 2007
Landon Donovan: 25, $900,000 in 2006

Formula One
Fernando Alonso: 25 years old, $20.4M in 2007
Lewis Hamilton: 22 years old, $2.8M in 2007
Heikki Kovalainen: 25 years old, $2.8M in 2007

Carlos Zambrano: 25 years old, $6.7M in 2006
Dontrelle Willis: 25 years old, $4.35M in 2006
Francisco Rodriguez: 25 years old, $3.8M in 2006

Kyle Busch: 21 years old, $4.8M in 2006
Brian Vickers: 23 years old, $3.9M in 2006
Reed Sorenson: 21 years old, $3.5M in 2005

Lorena Ochoa: 25 years old, $2.6M in 2006
Camilo Villegas: 25 years old, $1.8M in 2006
Julieta Granada: 20 years old, $1.6M in 2006

Ilya Kovalchuck: 24 years old, $5M in 2007
Rick DiPietro: 25 years old, $4.5M in 2007
Eric Staal: 22 years old, $4M in 2007

It turns out that if you want to get rich quick, the sport to play is basketball. But based on the top earning athletes without age restrictions, the long term smart bet is either Formula One (Michael Schumacher) or golf (Tiger Woods).

[Business Week]: Highest-Paid Athletes 25 and Under

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What’s this? Another hot babe in the IRL?

We are very desirous that a hot babe succeed in racing… mainly because we are shallow and we like hot babes. (Sue us.) Milka Duno is that hot babe (exhibit 2, exhibit 3). Now, we don’t know a damn thing about racing but Milka’s bio is pretty impressive.

Talent, beauty and youth are just a few of the many adjectives that define the image of Milka Duno. By education and training a Naval Engineer with four master’s degrees – in Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Maritime Business and Marine Biology – Milka earned the last three simultaneously.

As “Venezuelan Auto Racing Driver of the Year” in 2000 and “American Le Mans Series 2001 Vice Champion Driver” in the 675LMP class, Milka has attracted the attention of motorsport fans worldwide – and from influential people in the organizational and competitive areas of motorsport in the USA and Europe. In 2002 Milka became the first woman in the history of sportscar racing to pilot the fastest and most technologically-advanced sportscar in the world – the Le Mans Prototype 900, and the first woman in history to pilot the fastest car in the Open Telefonica World Series – the last step on the ladder to Formula One.

She can drive better than us and she’s smart. If she can somehow win a big race in the U.S., or better yet, release a sex tape, she’d be a woman we love. Danica Patrick is ok… but we’ll take Milka please. Did we mention she’s Latin?

[]: Official Site

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The Leon Lett of racing

We’re not sure what kind of racing this is. It’s like 1930s funny car or something but this guy is an idiot.

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That tire’s got eyes

Check out this clip from some English race. The “tyre” flies off a car, rolls down the track and lands on a pile of tires like it was a staged commercial.