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Why Americans Hate Soccer

A few months ago, Dave Eggers postulated that the main reason Americans hate soccer was because of the element of diving. The second and greatest, by far, obstacle to the popularity of the World Cup, and of professional soccer in general, is the element of diving. Americans may generally be arrogant, but there is one […]

Odds and Ends (06.12.06): Cambodian monks and Brazilian inmates

As evidence of how important the World Cup is, the head of Cambodia’s monks has decided to allow the holy men to watch the World Cup. The monks are normally not supposed to watch tv, movies, artistic displays or any pleasurable activity. However, the supreme patriach has made an exception and they are allowed to […]

U.S. stumbles out of the gate

No help for Keller The U.S. team made their World Cup 2006 debut and promptly went with a whimper to the Czech Republic. Only 5 minutes into the game, the CR scored their first goal. That was followed by two more goals in the 36th and 76th minute. The highlight. That’s right, single highlight, for […]


England coach rewards players with sex

After what many deemed an unimpressive victory over Paraguay, Coach Sven Goan Eriksson probably figured the boys needed to let some pressure off so he waived his normal sex ban and let the team spend some time with their wives and girlfriends. (We assume they brought one or the other to the WC and not […]

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Odds and Ends (06.09.06): World Cup edition

The U.S. soccer team is pretty good. But what if soccer was the national sport and we developed our kids from an early age and our best athletes played soccer. According to Fox Sports, here’s what the team would look like: Keeper: Kevin Garnett Defenders: Roy Williams, Brian Urlacher, Joey Porter, Troy Polamalu Midfielders: LaDainian […]

The Dutch need a lesson on trash talking

It’s not that the Dutch aren’t good at trash talking, they don’t want to do anything that resembles boasting. They’re like the Amish of World Cup teams. (Dutch… Pennsylvania Dutch… a-ha!) A coach from the Dutch team is not happy with the slogan that’s painted on the side of the Dutch bus, “Orange on the […]

Welcome to Germany!

The World Cup is coming! The World Cup is coming! If Sportscolumn isn’t exactly World Cup Central, consider it World Cup Penn Station. Or perhaps World Cup Hoboken is more apt. In any case, we’ll be covering a lot of the “other” football in the next month. A column on ESPN Soccernet today detailed the […]

Odds and Ends (6/6/06): The naked news

Anna: Yes. McEnroe: No. At an exhibition match against Jim Courier on the senior circuit, John McEnroe got upset about a call and dropped his pants and mooned everyone. Page Six also reported that tennis starlet Anna Kournikova was in the audience and witnessed the bare ass. Now, this is why Page Six shouldn’t report […]

Do you know who Ronaldo is?

The World Cup is almost here folks and we’re trying to figure out how Brazil could possibly lose this thing. Last week we highlighted Ronaldinho, considered the best player in the world if not in history. But Brazil also has the previous best player in the world and hero of the 2002 World Cup, Ronaldo. […]

Odds and Ends: Stop calling us a Christian team, dammit!

After a USA Today cover story that claimed the Rockies are built around core Christian code of conduct, some of the team members aren’t exactly happy with that characterization, especially the Christian players. Pitcher Jason Jennings was a first-round draft choice by the Rockies in 1997 from Baylor University, the largest Baptist university in the […]

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