The Dutch need a lesson on trash talking

It’s not that the Dutch aren’t good at trash talking, they don’t want to do anything that resembles boasting. They’re like the Amish of World Cup teams. (Dutch… Pennsylvania Dutch… a-ha!)

A coach from the Dutch team is not happy with the slogan that’s painted on the side of the Dutch bus, “Orange on the way to gold”.

We don’t like it because we try to keep everything calm and this might be seen as a provocation. It is a screaming line and we contacted FIFA in an attempt to change it but without any result. We have to settle with this line.

They could use some of the hubris of the Brazilian team, whose slogan is “Three-peat in 2010!” Or something like that… we can’t read Portugese. Meanwhile, the sad lonely U.S.A. bus has no slogan or flag because of security precautions. But if it did, it would probably say “We own you bitches in everything else (except hockey and baseball).

[World Cup Blog]: Lame Bus Slogan Has Dutch Coach Seeing Orange
[Reuters]: Van Basten annoyed about Dutch bus slogan

By Vin

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