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Odds and Ends (6/6/06): The naked news

Anna: Yes. McEnroe: No.

At an exhibition match against Jim Courier on the senior circuit, John McEnroe got upset about a call and dropped his pants and mooned everyone. Page Six also reported that tennis starlet Anna Kournikova was in the audience and witnessed the bare ass. Now, this is why Page Six shouldn’t report on sports news. Nobody has uttered the term tennis and Anna Kournikova together in a long long time.

Why is it that the people we don’t want to see naked always end up dropping their pants?

[MSNBC]: If America promises to watch the World Cup, will she pose nude?

[Yahoo]: Did Mike Vanderjagt really just put himself in the same sentence with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods? Damn idiot kicker.

[News and Observer]: Duke lacrosse team reinstated with new rules and tighter (i.e. any) oversight.

[NY Daily News]: Milledge doesn’t regret high-fiving fans after his first HR

[Off Wing Opinion]: The Oilers are so screwed

[]: Former umpire Gregg, 55, dies after stroke

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