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Jim Bob Cooter suspended for DUI

Athlete DUIs are a dime a dozen these days. But this arrest gets special mention because the guy’s name is Jim Bob Cooter. Jim Bob was driving through Knoxville when he was spotted by the police rolling through a stop sign followed by crossing the center line and driving on the wrong side of the road.

After failing three field sobriety tests, he was charged with first offense DUI and taken to the police station. His breathalyzer came out at .19, more than double the Tennessee limit of .08.

Since Jim Bob is a backup QB, this really doesn’t affect the team at all… which is why Tennessee Coach Phillip Fulmer put his foot down and suspended Cooter for the season opener against Cal. In order to get back on the team, Jim Bob would need to undergo extensive alcohol evaluation and adhere to certain internal requirements. We assume some of those requirements are not to get shitfaced, don’t provide alcohol to minors, and don’t drive drunk.

[]: Vols’ Cooter suspended after weekend arrest

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