Do you know who Ronaldinho is?

It’s a shame that soccer gets absolutely no respect in the U.S. because we’d be seeing Ronaldinho’s highlights on Sportscenter more than once every 4 years. Look at this video of his highlights and it shows how amazing the game of soccer can be and firmly establishes Ronalinho as the Dwayne Wade of soccer, except of course that he’s 100x more well known around the world. There are some who would argue he’s the best soccer player in history.

Put aside any prejudices you might have about soccer and you’ll see an athlete at the top of his game. Just by sheer skill, he makes his opponents look foolish. And that might be the mark of a truly great player.

(You might want to turn off the volume as the video is accompanied by a terrible Creed song.)

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Chicago White Sox

Odds and Ends 05.31.06: Make way for MVP Thome

A change of scenery has Jim Thome being talked about as a strong MVP candidate. Even Paul Konerko understands this is one of those magical seasons for a player. He is willing to step aside in interleague play so that Thome can play 1B and get his at-bats in.

There’s no way I’m going to sit this guy,” Guillen said of Thome, who leads the Sox with 20 home runs. “I already talked to Konerko about that, and he’s willing to do what I want him to do. That’s why I think it’s easy to manage this club. Nobody has an ego, and, obviously, when you’re playing interleague, you want to be in the lineup.

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Germany welcomes World Cup fans… except some of the darker ones

“Gesicht zeigen”, the German anti-tourism anti-racism organization is warning black soccer fans to stay away from parts of the eastern German state of Brandenburg. The head of the organizational, Uwe-Karsten Heye, warned of potential racially motivated attacks.

There are small and medium-sized towns in Brandenburg and other places where I would recommend that nobody with a different skin color go.

They would possibly not leave there alive.

The Brandenburg tourism page boasts of the idyllic countryside, lakes, castles, and gardens, but no mention of not leaving there alive if you’re of a different skin tone. Oh, those clever marketing people!

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General Sports

Does Bristol U teach a course in ripping people off?

Remember when Colin Cowherd ripped off the M-Zone and then belittled them when they call him out? Well, this time, Bill Simmons is ripping off Jenn Sterger of all people. Since hundreds of people have ripped off the Sposts Guy over the years, he probably thinks turnabout is fair play. But really, the FSU Cowgirl? For shame. (Although it’s a good excuse for us to post a pic of her…)

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