Women’s soccer finally gets its proper recognition

Most of the time, soccer chicks just can’t deliver the goods. The arm candy on the men’s side is spectacular, but the female players are usually a little iffy in the looks department. Like when that one chick pulled off her shirt after a goal or these hotties notties; sure, you start to get excited, but then you remember they’re soccer players. But earlier this week in Vienna, women’s soccer took an enormous leap forward in a Lingerie Bowl sorta way.

FOOTBALL fans got a proper eyeful yesterday as a team of topless porn actresses descended on a Vienna beach to have a kick-about.

The actresses – who wore just g-strings and bodypaint in German and Austrian colours – held their beach football game a day before the European football championship match between Austrian and Germany today.

The Austrian side beat Germany 10-5 in the match, which was organised by a chat room website.

Austrian Doris Fastenmeir, who took part, said: “I hope our men will take heart from that.”

The 29-year-old bank employee added: “We played pretty hard, we even had some injuries, like I for example broke my toe nail.”

You think there’s still enough time to petition for topless/G-String women’s soccer to be added to ’08 Olympics.


[The Sun]: Cheeky porn stars play beach football dressed in just body paint and G-STRINGS
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General Sports

"I Wish They All Could Be Like Charissa" (Thompson, that is)

Nothing goes better with sports than babes. Well, actually, beer and beef are right up there, but they are still just a smidge underneath the hotties who yap sports on TV – which, by the way, is where most male sports fans would like to be. Badabing! “From old school Bonnie Bernstein” to the smokin’ hot Erin Andrews, we love `em all, but, apparently, pickier fans just wish they all could be like Charissa.

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The top 10 fans who keep sports sexy

I’m No. 4?!?! Whatchu talkin bout

When men dish out their hard earn money to go see a live sporting event there is just one thing they want in return and that’s to see hot chicks at the venue. Forget about the virtue of competition or rooting for the home team, if a dude sees a babe in team colors then its cash well spent. It helps us keep alive the notion that the ultimate woman for us does exist – the sexy sports fan. Of course, the super-duper ultimate woman is the sexy, rich sports fans. So, here’s a list of The 10 Hottest Celebrity Fans according to The World of Isaac. Keep your eyes peeled for these lovely ladies next time you head for the game; who knows, you just might score big. But it’s a long shot.

10. Beyonce Knowles – Houston Rockets
9. Christie Brinkley – Boston Red Sox
8. Julia Stiles – New York Mets
7. Eva Longoria – San Antonio Spurs
6. Jessica Alba – Golden State Warriors
5. Erin Andrews – Florida Gators
4. Lucy Pinder – Southampton Saints
3. Elisha Cuthbert – LA Kings
2. Anna Kournikova – Miami Heat
1. Ashley Judd – Kentucky Wildcats

While we agree with the girls who made the list, we disagree on the order. We love Ashley Judd, but there’s no way this 40-year-old gets the top spot on this list unless it’s a career-achievement award. Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Lucy Pinder all need to be bumped up in this list and Elisha Cuthbert and Judd need to slide down a few spots in our opinion. If you ask us, by the looks of the rankings, The World of Isaac is apparently one full of rampant drug and alcohol consumption.


[The World of Isaac]: The 10 Hottest Celebrity Fans

New York Jets

Note to self-respecting women in New Jersey: Avoid Gate D

There is an entire contingency of Jets fans that don’t give a crap who takes the field as halftime entertainment. Unless Janet Jackson is going to experience another `wardrobe malfunction,’ then these fellas aren’t sticking around to see it. Even then, they’ll probably still head over to the innards of the stadium, the pedestrian ramp at Gate D to be exact, where apparently a makeshift Scores is erected (among other things).

At halftime of the Jets’ home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, several hundred men lined one of Giants Stadium’s two pedestrian ramps at Gate D. Three deep in some areas, they whistled and jumped up and down. Then they began an obscenity-laced chant, demanding that the few women in the gathering expose their breasts.

When one woman appeared to be on the verge of obliging, the hooting and hollering intensified. But then she walked away, and plastic beer bottles and spit went flying. Boos swept through the crowd of unsatisfied men.

Not only does this go down at every Jets game, but it appears to be almost a sacred tradition that staff and security turns their backs to. Of course, not literally; we’re talking boobs here.

But what happens when no chicks feel like publicly degrading themselves and the J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! chants just aren’t doing it for these dudes? Well, that’s why you always bring a roll of nickels to the games.

Sgt. Stephen Jones, a spokesman for the State Police said they did not try to prevent fans from congregating. He said that there were incidents of fans throwing money into the center of the spiral ramps. Those fans then threw objects at children picking up the money.

You stay classy, Jets fans.


[]: Some Jets fans enjoy their ritual of sexual harassment