Women’s soccer finally gets its proper recognition

Most of the time, soccer chicks just can’t deliver the goods. The arm candy on the men’s side is spectacular, but the female players are usually a little iffy in the looks department. Like when that one chick pulled off her shirt after a goal or these hotties notties; sure, you start to get excited, but then you remember they’re soccer players. But earlier this week in Vienna, women’s soccer took an enormous leap forward in a Lingerie Bowl sorta way.

FOOTBALL fans got a proper eyeful yesterday as a team of topless porn actresses descended on a Vienna beach to have a kick-about.

The actresses – who wore just g-strings and bodypaint in German and Austrian colours – held their beach football game a day before the European football championship match between Austrian and Germany today.

The Austrian side beat Germany 10-5 in the match, which was organised by a chat room website.

Austrian Doris Fastenmeir, who took part, said: “I hope our men will take heart from that.”

The 29-year-old bank employee added: “We played pretty hard, we even had some injuries, like I for example broke my toe nail.”

You think there’s still enough time to petition for topless/G-String women’s soccer to be added to ’08 Olympics.


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