MLB General

Rock a bye-bye baby!

What the hell is going on American ball parks these days. First, they drop the legal drinking age to six months and now dads are catching home run balls with one hand while cradling junior in the other! What’s next? Are women are going to start delivering babies in the right field bleachers just to immediately have them signed by the Yankees?!?

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College Football

We’ve heard of fighting like cats and dogs, but `Cats and Ducks?

If you think that all the action at a football game is going down solely on the field then you’re nuts; the stands are where all the good stuff happens. And if you think that dudes are the only ones who take team pride seriously then, again, you’re nuts. Chicks have just as much school spirit as any campus meathead; especially when you’re talking about camera time.

Jets fans must be loving this!


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