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We’ve heard of fighting like cats and dogs, but `Cats and Ducks?

If you think that all the action at a football game is going down solely on the field then you’re nuts; the stands are where all the good stuff happens. And if you think that dudes are the only ones who take team pride seriously then, again, you’re nuts. Chicks have just as much school […]

Jim Knox’s Kansas State couch ouch

We know that “sideline reporter” sounds like an awesome gig, but attending all the big games and interviewing coaches is only half the job description. The other half includes dumpster diving, eating atomic chili peppers and getting dropped on your skull. “Wildcat fans are going wild…as they take on Missouri on FS-AAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Links: []: Finding […]

Ashley Judd officially has the brains to go with the beauty

After following in the footsteps of so many young ballers and deciding to turn pro early, one of our favorite college basketball fans is finally the owner of a bachelor’s degree in French. Willdcat super babe Ashley Judd had the opportunity to cross the stage on Sunday (it’s unclear if she actually did or not) […]

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