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Ridiculously oversized X-Games ramp claims another victim

We know virtually nothing about the world of extreme sports, but we know what we like and we like seeing dudes hurtle through the air after plunging down the Godzillaramp. It’s really the unpredictability of it all that we love. You might see someone pull off a gnarly double-backside killer koala bear or you could […]

Odds and Ends: Who knew MS baseball players knew about slump busters?

An Alabama middle school teacher is facing 20 years on sex abuse offenses after getting busy with nearly the entire baseball team! We’re guessing her defense will be it was all just a means of expressing team spirit. A teacher has been accused of having sex with eight members of a school baseball team. Julie […]

Skateboarding isn’t sexist; everyone has equal chance to smash their face

We’re not going to say that girls flat out can’t skateboard, but we are going to say this particular girl won’t be winning any X-Games gold medals anytime soon. After all, flipflops and booty shorts aren’t exactly the gear of champions. But we will admit the chick has a lot of ambition and guts to […]

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