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Ten reasons Brett Favre wants to play football again

We all knew that when Brett Favre tearfully said goodbye to the Packers and the game of football, he’d eventually be back. Of course, we thought he would at least sit out one season before getting the itch again, but news sources are now revealing that No. 4 might be showing that infamous childlike enthusiasm […]

Emmitt Smith sheds light on why Barry Sanders walked away

Most of the time, when we come across Emmitt Smith, we’re expecting to hear something that resembles gibberish more than analysis. But if there’s anything ol’ Emmitt should know, it’s running backs. So, when he responded to the question of why he believed Barry Sanders stepped away from the game, he actually made sense for […]

J.M. hearts B.F.

The Brett Favre bomb was dropped yesterday and after a full day of weeping in a dark room, we finally feel strong enough to confront this national tragedy head on. While we know it’s tough right now, the true emotions won’t really come flooding out until next season when the Packers hit Lambeau Field without […]

Enjoy it while you can, Phil Jackson might be going fishing soon

Phil Jackson gave lots of advice to Michael Jordan over the years they spent together winning championships and breaking countless NBA All-Stars’ hearts in the process. Now it appears that the Zen Master might be stealing a page out MJ’s personal playbook. According to The Los Angeles Times, Jackson is considering retirement, again, after the […]

Ron Artest wants a fresh start

It’s been a rocky road for Ron Artest since he entered the league in 1999, but the troubles could be coming to an end soon.  Well, at least for the Kings.   While Artest won’t publicly say it, Corliss Williamson told the Sacramento Bee that Artest sent him a text that said he would be […]

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