Ten reasons Brett Favre wants to play football again

We all knew that when Brett Favre tearfully said goodbye to the Packers and the game of football, he’d eventually be back. Of course, we thought he would at least sit out one season before getting the itch again, but news sources are now revealing that No. 4 might be showing that infamous childlike enthusiasm sooner rather than later. Since word broke, most people have been focusing on why Favre shouldn’t return, but not flatusyahu.com, they’ve got Ten Reasons Brett Favre Wants To Play Football Again.

1. He needs to do something to get Madonna’s attention.

2. The reality that Eli Manning has the same number of Super Bowl rings is too much for him to bear.

3. In the throes of early stage dementia, he may be under the mistaken impression that Randy Moss and Cris Carter still play for the Vikings.

4. Wants to be able to tell grandchildren that he played for Sesame Street’s Mr. Noodle.

5. Safer to deal with the Madden jinx on the football field than on the farm.

6. Apparently, he always liked the smell of the astroturf at the Metrodome.

7. After consulting the Farmer’s Almanac, he decided 2013 is a bad year for Hall-of-Fame inductions.

8. Cash is tight when the There’s Something About Mary sequel is put in turnaround.

9. Enjoys tearful retirement pressers so much, he wants to make them an annual event.

10. According to Favre, Vikings owner Ziggy Wilf is “just like my neighbors down in Mississippi”.

And, of course, the obvious reason for returning: more Brett Favre boogie!


[flatusyahu.com]: Ten Reasons Brett Favre Wants To Play Football Again

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