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The uneven bars get even

This is easily the most entertaining moment in the history of gymnastics. Of course, second place goes to this couple.

Now that’s what you call a Worley bird!

Everybody is getting hyped up for the Olympics. OK, so some people couldn’t care any less about the Games, but that’s why here. Don’t forget, the Olympics aren’t always just about grace, power and athleticism; sometimes, they are about moments like these. Classic commentator comment of the day: “And it was going great…until there. When […]

As Scott Van Pelt would say, "Weeeeeeeeee!"

Don’t let anyone tell you that gymnastics is not a contact sport. Just watch this chick get flung off a giant swing and make contact with the floor. Gymnast Overshoots Landing Mat – Watch more free videos If you want to see a smaller, yet equally shocking, version of the accident you just witnessed then […]

Star Wars Episode VII: The Floor Routine

Wanna know what happens when Chaz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy trade in their ice skates for floor exercises? See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Gymnast back-flips her way into our hearts…and a wall

On Wednesday we showed what can go wrong when you mix a balance beam and too many flips. And it wasn’t pretty. Well, today we’ve got proof that too many back-flips, even on solid padded ground, can be equally dangerous to your health.

Gymnastics just became a contact sport, as in face meets floor contact

With the summer Olympics rapidly approaching, you better be prepared to get bombarded by all sorts of crap you don’t normally watch. Like gymnastics for example. We know that you’ll probably be flipping the channels like mad when you see those tiny girls flipping and cart wheeling all over the stadium, but we certainly won’t […]

Whether it’s weight lifting or backflipping, always have a spotter

There’s really only one way to learn how to pull off a backflip and that’s the hard way.

Sports can be graceful, but we prefer the zany ridiculousness

Sports are the ultimate in unpredictability; about the only thing that is predictable about sports is that if you watch long enough, anything can happen. And it usually does. Whether it’s soccer, gymnastics, automobile racing, basketball, skateboarding, figure skating, skiing, karate, cricket or table tennis, you just never know what you’re gonna get.

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