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Gymnastics just became a contact sport, as in face meets floor contact

With the summer Olympics rapidly approaching, you better be prepared to get bombarded by all sorts of crap you don’t normally watch. Like gymnastics for example. We know that you’ll probably be flipping the channels like mad when you see those tiny girls flipping and cart wheeling all over the stadium, but we certainly won’t be. Wanna know why? It’s because we’re afraid we might miss another moment like this:

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Ahhh, the pageantry and grace.

One reply on “Gymnastics just became a contact sport, as in face meets floor contact”

Stupid Comment — What a sad life this person must have to make a comment like this. Gymnastics is the most popular, profitable, and most watched sport in the Olympics. These athletes train 6-8 hours per day, every day for years, and are probably stronger than the joker who wrote this. This idiot needs to get a life and get outside and off the video games.

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