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Broncos’ Super Bowl ring found in Sam’s Club restroom

Some people just seem to have all the luck, like David Diaz-Infante. The former Denver Broncos lineman was on both late 90s Super Bowl squads and had the rings to prove. We say “had” because the knucklehead basically gave one of `em away at a party in July of 2006.

It was a big party,” Deputy Police Chief John Ercul said. “Apparently he passed the ring around and let people look at it. It never did get back to him. The ring was reported stolen, and we did an investigation on it. A number of people were questioned.

Talk about a dumb move. “He passed the ring around and let people look at it”?!?! Does he let strangers at parties test drive his car as well? While that might be one of the stupidest things we’ve ever heard, it certainly isn’t the strangest tidbit in this jewelry caper. Luckily for Diaz-Infante, the ring was eventually recovered. Where you ask. How about in a mega market bathroom.

Ercul said a woman, whose name was not released, found it in the ladies’ room at a Sam’s Club and handed the ring, worth $50,000, over to police.

“He was very happy to get it back,” said Ercul.

Ercul said police will now focus their investigation on Sam’s Club to try find the thief. “We will follow up on that and see what we can find out. It’s going to be tough, but we’ll see if we can get to the bottom of it.

Found it in the ladies room at Sam’s Club, huh? You know if that was Larry David’s Super Bowl ring it would be going straight in the trash can.


[]: Super Bowl Ring Found, Returned To Former Bronco

Denver Broncos

So that’s what kickers do while real football players are practicing

Ever wonder why Jason Elam is always able to calmly bang out 50-yarders for Denver without breaking a sweat? Well, graduating from the Air Force Academy, serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan and then joining a special operations squad has a way of calming your nerves in everyday situations. At least it did for Riley Covington, the main character of Elam’s new literary fiction novel Monday Night Jihad.

Covington is a military man who was drafted by the fictitious Colorado Mustangs, but must give up his professional football career in order to help put an end to terrorism overseas before it reaches America. Elam’s first attempt at becoming an author entwines pigskin, religion and covert military operations.

Probably the toughest part of the book for Elam was his eventual decision to not make the strapping, Captain America badass a kicker; instead opting to form Covington into a manlier linebacker.

I couldn’t make the hero a kicker. It had to be plausible,” Elam said.

As for what is more daunting, a last-second kick in front of a raucous crowd or reading a book review, Elam said that was simple — the kick.

“At least you know you’re not going to have chicken wings and snowballs thrown at you if they don’t like your book,” he said with a grin.


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Colorado Rockies

Denver TV station’s idea of news is painting plaster purple

Finding quality human interest stories can be tough and when you try prefabricating them around a specific subject then it becomes even more difficult. However, this Denver news station obviously scraped the bottom of the barrel clean long ago if this is the best Rockies related tidbit they could come up with.

Breaking your arm is never fun. But for 7-year-old Daniel Brockman, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Daniel was playing basketball Monday night when he fell and broke his arm in several places. After surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, Dr. Laurel Benson asked him what kind of cast he wanted.

She offered him casts featuring superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, but Daniel didn’t seem interested. Then his dad said she said the magic words. She offered him a Rockies cast.

“His eyes lit up,” dad Mark Brockman told 7NEWS. “He was like ‘Yeah, I want a Rockies cast.'”

Benson hopes the cast gives him something to show his friends.

“He’s going to be in that cast for four weeks,” she said. “So hopefully it makes him feel special and he gets to show off his love for the Rockies.”

The Brockman family doesn’t have tickets to any of the Rockies upcoming playoff games, so they’ll be watching from their home in Castle Rock.

A stupid Rockies cast!! That’s all you got? Seriously, a Rockies cast? What, Denver doesn’t have any fanatical nuns to feature?

Look, we do feel kinda bad for the kid; after all, four weeks to a 7-year-old is basically a life sentence. But we’re not going to go overboard or anything because thanks to the last sentence in that story, we can guarantee the Brockmans are sitting in a luxury box when Colorado brings their series with Arizona to Denver on Sunday. Meanwhile, we’re going to be trying to keep the foil properly positioned on our rabbit ears just to get semi decent reception.

You know, that’s actually not a half bad idea. This kid might be on to something.

We’ll snap our legs right now and get red, white and blue casts if some desperate news outlet gives us a plug that results in Patriots/Cowboys tickets.


[]: Kid `Casts’ His Love Of Rockies