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So that’s what kickers do while real football players are practicing

Ever wonder why Jason Elam is always able to calmly bang out 50-yarders for Denver without breaking a sweat? Well, graduating from the Air Force Academy, serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan and then joining a special operations squad has a way of calming your nerves in everyday situations. At least it did for Riley Covington, the main character of Elam’s new literary fiction novel Monday Night Jihad.

Covington is a military man who was drafted by the fictitious Colorado Mustangs, but must give up his professional football career in order to help put an end to terrorism overseas before it reaches America. Elam’s first attempt at becoming an author entwines pigskin, religion and covert military operations.

Probably the toughest part of the book for Elam was his eventual decision to not make the strapping, Captain America badass a kicker; instead opting to form Covington into a manlier linebacker.

I couldn’t make the hero a kicker. It had to be plausible,” Elam said.

As for what is more daunting, a last-second kick in front of a raucous crowd or reading a book review, Elam said that was simple — the kick.

“At least you know you’re not going to have chicken wings and snowballs thrown at you if they don’t like your book,” he said with a grin.


[]: Novel Idea: Elam Mixes Football, Terrorism, Spying

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