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I love it when you call me Big Papi

Nowadays it seems that almost every sports figure feels the need to leave the comfortable realm of athletics and for some strange reason branch out and show that their hippety-hoppety skillz is fo’ realz. Well, David Ortiz is no different and here’s the hot fire spittin’ proof.

Damn, K-Fed, you just got skizz-ooled!


[Can’t Stop The Bleeding]: Big Papi’s Reggaeton Debut

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Big Papi has a message for you Yankees fans

Have you ever been sitting around the house just wondering about what would be the best way to inform your friends and family about the partnership between MLB and XM Satellite Radio? Yea, we didn’t think so, but we figured that you might want to know about the duo’s latest promotion.

XM Radio has now created a service that allows you to create unique and personalized messages from David Ortiz, Derek Jeter, or Cal Ripken Jr. that can be sent to your friends. Personalized phone calls from celebs seem to be all the rage in sports marketing but we think it’s more fun to use these tools to annoy your friends. What Red Sox fan wouldn’t love to have Big Papi tell some Yankee loser to listen to him on XM Radio?

So don’t delay, start piecing together your insulting messages today. XM and MLB thank you for your support.

Fun with Derek Jeter and A-Rod:


[XM MLB promotion]: Call Stars

MLB General

The Full Count: Can Big Papi break the non-steroided HR record?

1. 40 down, 61 in sight?: David Ortiz continued his tear yesterday, hitting another homerun. It was his 40th on the season, as he became the first player of the season to reach that milestone. This is important as his homerun pace is now 59, meaning Big Papi is within reaching distance of 62. He might become the first player since 2001 and the first non-cheater ever to reach that mark. Ortiz continued his dominance at Tropicana Field, with his sixth homer there on the year and 13th since 2003. Ortiz now has at least 40 homers and 100 RBIs in three consecutive seasons, and is the only player besides Pujols to have a streak like that going. Oh by the way, the Red Sox lost to the Devil Rays in 10 innings.

2. Back to normal: The St. Louis Cardinals’ recent 8-game losing streak might have been an aberration. The team has looked fine in their last two games, both wins over the Brewers. Yesterday’s 7-1 victory included three hits by Albert Pujols and a homerun by Scott Rolen. Those players, both hitting over .315, are pivotal to the Cardinals success. Jim Edmonds, who has rounded out their 3-4-5 trio the past few seasons, has stumbled this year with a .263 average and only 16 homeruns (low for him). Thankfully, Juan Encarnacion has played better than expected with 62 RBIs. Anyway, the Cards will need all of their hitters to be in top shape for their next series. They play the Reds in a four game set. Right now St. Louis is up by 3.5 over the Reds, but they’ll play seven games over the next two weeks so that could change quickly.

3. Star pitcher out? No problem!: For most teams, the absence of a 14-win ace like Justin Verlander might result in a beatdown. Not the Tigers. They won 1-0 despite Verlander being out with an injury. That was due in large part to Wilfredo Ledezma, a spot starter who was able to shut down the Tribe. He barely outpitched CC Sabathia, who allowed just one unearned run in 7 innings. The strong Cleveland offense got on base easily enough but stranded 20 runners. I guess that’s why they’re 27.5 games back of the Tigers in the division.

4. Maine attraction: Who is John Maine, you might ask? He just has the longest scoreless innings streak in baseball. The rookie pitched his third start in a row–including a July 21st complete game–without allowing a run. Maine, who has been back and forth from AAA to the majors this season, proved another example of why the Mets are the best team in the National League. Even when a player is injured, they have the ability to fill in for him. And just like the Tigers, who do much of the same thing (see above), they have the largest divisional lead (13 games) in their league.

5. On and off: In an anticlimactic move that ended a complex situation, the Braves took Andruw Jones off waivers yesterday. Jones, who seemed perfectly happy with the team, was playing great, and helping the offense tremendously from the cleanup role, was inexplicably placed on waivers last week. One team claimed him, which gave the Braves two days to work out a trade with the team. But stop right there. Why would a competitive team trade probably their best offensive and defensive player? Jones led the majors in homers and RBIs last year and has 26 and 95 this year. Either way, the trade never worked out, the team who claimed him was never revealed, and now Andruw can stay with the team.