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14 fans banned from Talladega

You probably heard about fans being really upset about Jeff Gordon passing Dale Earnhardt (if you ain’t got a 3 with angel wings on the back of yo truck, you ain’t a real fan!) in career wins after Gordon’s victory on Sunday. Just as they did the week before when Gordon tied Earnhardt, a bunch of debris was thrown onto the field, mostly beer cans, and 14 people were arrested. Well those fans have been banned for life from buying tickets to Talladega.

Buying tickets? So that basically is no sanction at all because those fans can basically get their tickets via a third party. The logical move would be ban those 14 fans from attending races but it’d be impossible to pick out 14 from a crowd of 100,000.

Superspeedway president Grant Lynch said identifying other fans who threw objects was harder than he had imagined.

“At a baseball game where everybody is sitting down, it’s easy to see someone stand up and throw an object onto the field,” Lynch said. “I was looking at a section that probably had 300 people in it, and they were all standing up. Plus they all have mullets.

OK, we made that last part up. But could you imagine picking out 14 mulleted rednecks out of a crowd?

[Houston Chronicle]: Talladega bans 14 from buying tickets

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4 replies on “14 fans banned from Talladega”

You just have to put this picture up… — every time there’s a nascar story, no matter what it is, huh?

this could be — the greatest picture ever taken.  And what better representation of NASCAR fans than a dude with a shaved 3 in his back hair?  You couldn’t photoshop up a better photo unless it involved fried baloney and a trailer.

This will fix everything — I am sure that those 14 people were responsible for all the misbehavior on Sunday. We can’t let those bad apples spoil the broth, or something like that.

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