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Bruce Bowen says Computer Nerdz are Computer Crookz

Bruce Bowen and his wife Yardley have filed suit against a Texas computer repair shop for over $2M after the company sold their hard drive containing personal information to another customer. The Bowns want $562k in economic damages, $1.2M in mental anguish damages, and another $500k in punitive damages.

The Bowens claim they took a faulty computer to the folks at Computer Nerdz, who told them the hard drive was fubar and that they would need a new one. Since the computer was still under warranty from Gateway, they could get a new hard drive for free and all they had to do was send the broken hard drive back to Gateway. Computer Nerdz gave them a bad drive, they sent it back and all was well. Until they were contacted by a woman who said Computer Nerdz sold her a “new” hard drive and she discovered all the Bowen’s personal information on it. Oops.

Here’s what probably happened: the Computer Nerdz thought they’d make a quick buck by fleecing Gateway’s warranty service then fixing up and selling Bowen’s old hard drive as new to an unsuspecting customer. Unfortunately, someone forgot to erase the hard drive first. The Bowens would be wise to settle this quickly out of court — we don’t expect Computer Nerdz to be in business much longer.

Of course, this had to happen to Bruce Bowen, the boringest man in the league. Why couldn’t the contents of Rich Eisen’s hard drive be out there?

[The Smoking Gun]: NBA Star Claims Hard Drive Foul

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