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Study says NBA refs are racialist

Well, what about me?

A study by an assistant professor at Penn and a graduate student at Cornell found that there is a racial bias in NBA referee calls. They found fouls were called at a greater rate against black players than against white players. They also found that black refs called more fouls against white players than black players. Based on box scores from 1991 to 2004, the study concluded that the racial makeup of the officiating crew affected calls by 4 1/2 percent.

Of course, the NBA is denouncing the study because the study analyzed calls by the three-man crews in aggregate and not by individual referees. The NBA did it’s own study and concluded – suprise – that there was no bias in foul calls. The NBA has data on which called was made by which official but declined to give the researches the info, citing a confidentiality agreement with the refs. How convenient.

We don’t actually think there’s any racial bias in referees in the NBA. Everyone knows that they call the fouls that David Stern wants them to call.

[AP]: Study suggests racial bias in NBA calls

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Black bias in NBA — Being from Chicago (da city), blacks play a rougher brand of ball than the suburban whites. This then translates all the way up to the NBA. Street ball is not for pansies!
 It is only natural that more fouls are called with this tougher, tighter brand of ball. Racist NO! Just a tough game of bball!

not just the burbs — also the Europeans.  even though the euro influx was sometime in the middle of this study.

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