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The top 10 fans who keep sports sexy

I’m No. 4?!?! Whatchu talkin bout

When men dish out their hard earn money to go see a live sporting event there is just one thing they want in return and that’s to see hot chicks at the venue. Forget about the virtue of competition or rooting for the home team, if a dude sees a babe in team colors then its cash well spent. It helps us keep alive the notion that the ultimate woman for us does exist – the sexy sports fan. Of course, the super-duper ultimate woman is the sexy, rich sports fans. So, here’s a list of The 10 Hottest Celebrity Fans according to The World of Isaac. Keep your eyes peeled for these lovely ladies next time you head for the game; who knows, you just might score big. But it’s a long shot.

10. Beyonce Knowles – Houston Rockets
9. Christie Brinkley – Boston Red Sox
8. Julia Stiles – New York Mets
7. Eva Longoria – San Antonio Spurs
6. Jessica Alba – Golden State Warriors
5. Erin Andrews – Florida Gators
4. Lucy Pinder – Southampton Saints
3. Elisha Cuthbert – LA Kings
2. Anna Kournikova – Miami Heat
1. Ashley Judd – Kentucky Wildcats

While we agree with the girls who made the list, we disagree on the order. We love Ashley Judd, but there’s no way this 40-year-old gets the top spot on this list unless it’s a career-achievement award. Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Lucy Pinder all need to be bumped up in this list and Elisha Cuthbert and Judd need to slide down a few spots in our opinion. If you ask us, by the looks of the rankings, The World of Isaac is apparently one full of rampant drug and alcohol consumption.


[The World of Isaac]: The 10 Hottest Celebrity Fans

New York Yankees

Derek Jeter gave Jessica Alba and possibly the entire world herpes!

In one of the most depressing pieces of news to come across our desks in a long time, it’s being reported by L.A. Rag Mag that Jessica Alba contracted herpes! That’s right, every man’s fantasy supposedly used to pop Valtrex like they were Tic Tacs and what’s worse is that Derek Jeter is the one who allegedly gave her the STD.

While we still refuse to believe that Alba would indulge in sexual activity before marriage, the implications of this news could be disastrous. Holy Candy conducted some in-depth scientific studies and determined that if Jeter indeed had herpes, with his extensive repertoire of high profile arm candy, the disease could have basically infected everyone from super babes like Alba, Jessica Beil and Scarlett Johansson to douche bags like Marky Mark, Justin Timberlake, Eminem and Fez.

And considering the rate at which celebrities fornicate nowadays, this could become a world wide epidemic at any moment. In fact, it won’t be long until someone starts putting together a benefit concert for all the victims of the Derek Jeter herpes tragedy. But from what we hear there have been great advancements in combating the disease. Poison front man Bret Michaels has even put his own health on the line by living in a herpes infested house for the explicit purpose of medical research. Thank you for your bravery Bret.


[Girls Gone Sports]: Derek Jeter gave Jessica Alba herpes