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The top 10 fans who keep sports sexy

I’m No. 4?!?! Whatchu talkin bout

When men dish out their hard earn money to go see a live sporting event there is just one thing they want in return and that’s to see hot chicks at the venue. Forget about the virtue of competition or rooting for the home team, if a dude sees a babe in team colors then its cash well spent. It helps us keep alive the notion that the ultimate woman for us does exist – the sexy sports fan. Of course, the super-duper ultimate woman is the sexy, rich sports fans. So, here’s a list of The 10 Hottest Celebrity Fans according to The World of Isaac. Keep your eyes peeled for these lovely ladies next time you head for the game; who knows, you just might score big. But it’s a long shot.

10. Beyonce Knowles – Houston Rockets
9. Christie Brinkley – Boston Red Sox
8. Julia Stiles – New York Mets
7. Eva Longoria – San Antonio Spurs
6. Jessica Alba – Golden State Warriors
5. Erin Andrews – Florida Gators
4. Lucy Pinder – Southampton Saints
3. Elisha Cuthbert – LA Kings
2. Anna Kournikova – Miami Heat
1. Ashley Judd – Kentucky Wildcats

While we agree with the girls who made the list, we disagree on the order. We love Ashley Judd, but there’s no way this 40-year-old gets the top spot on this list unless it’s a career-achievement award. Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Lucy Pinder all need to be bumped up in this list and Elisha Cuthbert and Judd need to slide down a few spots in our opinion. If you ask us, by the looks of the rankings, The World of Isaac is apparently one full of rampant drug and alcohol consumption.


[The World of Isaac]: The 10 Hottest Celebrity Fans

San Antonio Spurs

Tony Parker sues over his alleged `And-1′ opportunity

It didn’t long for the rumor bug to start biting one of sports/Hollywood’s hottest couples and, on Wednesday, the duo started biting back.

San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is suing for publishing stories that he had an affair with a French model. Oh-la-la! Parker claims there was a bunch of “false and defamatory” statements written by the site about himself and superbabe wife Eva Longoria and now he wants a cool $40 million for compensation. OH-LA-LA!

This is false. It never happened. And X17 had to know that the story was false, or, at the very least, it had to have entertained serious doubts about the credibility of its supposed source,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit also alleged that X17 never contacted Parker, Longoria or their representatives before running the stories, and refused to retract them after being told the claims were false.

An after-hour call to X17’s Beverly Hills office was not immediately returned.

Last week, the Web site posted a story that said the model Alexandra Paressant told X17 that she had a two-month affair with Parker. The story said Paressant told X17 she attended Parker’s wedding last summer, where the French soccer star Thierry Henry introduced her to the basketball star.

“No one from X17 attempted to contact Mr. Henry, who … would have told them in no uncertain terms that this woman was not at the wedding,” the lawsuit said, adding that Parker has never met anyone named Alexandra Paressant.

“If this woman exists, he has no way of knowing whether she is one of the many fans who have, from time to time, managed to obtain his cell phone number and called or left messages or who may have engaged him in conversation.

Now, we’re not rich or famous so we don’t know the exact protocol for when celebrity marriages turn into celebrity adultery, but we’re guessing it should take at least a year for the shine to tarnish on a hottie like Longoria. And if you’re Parker, then you have to trade up, right? Don’t get us wrong, Paressant is smoking hot, but until she starts making $200,000 per episode of Desperate Housewives then she’s ain’t got jack on the current lil’ lady.

And anyways, what ever happened to taking something straight from the horse’s mouth? What, we don’t trust our celebrities anymore??

Parker and Longoria defended their marriage last week.

“I love my wife,” Parker said in a statement from Longoria’s spokeswoman, Liza Anderson. “She’s the best thing in my life, and I have never been happier.”

“Tony has been nothing short of the perfect husband,” said Longoria.


[]: Tony Parker Sues X17 Over Rumored Affair

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Video of Tony Parker shooting and scoring with Eva Longoria hits the web

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria aren’t even six months removed from their holy union, but that doesn’t mean that the consummation cam isn’t watching.

Rumors are flying that the Spurs point guard and the Desperate Housewives bombshell are starring in a movie together; unfortunately it’s not the kind that you hold a premier for in Hollywood. Yup, supposedly the duo were captured in the act and the video has made its way to the web.

Listen, The Sun, we’re trusting you on this one. You’d better not be messing with us.

Rumors have been rife on the web that the saucy video exists and contains intimate scenes featuring the Desperate Housewives beauty and her NBA star hubby Tony Parker.

If the tape is genuine, it is tipped to become the biggest sex tape unearthed since Paris Hilton’s One Night In Paris.

Latest reports from the States suggest the video HAS made its way online, but only on paid for sites.

As exciting as this news is for the male population of the planet, we really have no idea why celebrities feel the need to tape themselves. After all, if you tape it, it will be leaked. We can understand why some tramp like Hilton or Kim Kardashian would do it, they want the exposure. But we’re talking about Eva friggin’ Longoria here; she doesn’t need this. Anyways, she should have learned her lesson from Tony about how shooting a video can turn you into a laughingstock.


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San Antonio Spurs

Tony Parker is having one busy summer

Now that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are officially married, you might think that Tony is going to take a break from his rapping career, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, the Finals MVP is still chasing the bling-bling dream of a glitzy hip-hop vocation and we have his new video to prove it. Here is Mr. Longoria’s latest single, Premier Love. Enjoy.

Personally, we think that Parker should stick to penetrating the lane, but he seems to have a pretty good life built up for himself right now with the championship rings, trophies and some premiere eye candy on his arm. Yup, the rapping might stink, but we can’t argue with the fact that Tony Parker is currently sitting on top of the world.