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Peyton Manning tries to fill Brett Favre’s shoes both on and off the field

Unless you’re talking about the new Madden cover, Brett Favre is long gone from the NFL…for now. Who knows what will come in the months leading up to the season’s kickoff, but No. 4 has not walked through the Packers’ locker room doors yet, meaning the league needs a new, loveable, ol’ dog to talk about the good old days and how the youngsters make him feel like he’s still just kicking up dirt on the playground. As of now it looks like 32-year-old Peyton Manning is that man.

The veteran QB says the rookies sometimes make him feel old.

“It’s hard for me to realize why some of these guys are nervous. As one of them, I can’t remember who it was, they were saying how they like watching me on ESPN Classic. I don’t consider myself to be an ESPN Classic type but when I was a 22-year-old senior at Tennessee these guys were I guess 11 years old. But I do enjoy being around these young guys cause it still is very much a young man’s game and it does kind of keep you feeling young,” said Manning.

You know what else keeps you feeling young at heart? Creepy, licking contests with Eli.


[]: Veteran QB Manning says rookies can make him feel old

NFL General

Sal Paolantonio basically calls Marvin Harrison a cop killer

Most people were shocked to hear about Marvin Harrison being interviewed in connection with a shooting last week. After all, this is the NFL equivalent of David Robinson being connected to a child prostitution ring. Most people just couldn’t comprehend the idea that one of the league’s squeakiest goody-two-shoes could possibly be involved in the incident. Well, almost everyone. ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio seems to think that Harrison is basically 50 Cent in pads.

The guns bullets were advertised as being able to penetrate…listen to this…48 layers of kevlar [armor] at 50 meters. Now who wears kevlar other than police officers? This gun is designed to be a cop killer.

We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t know Marvin Harrison from Adam, so it is indeed possible that he committed this crime. We’re going to reserve our judgment on that one, but we do have a problem with Paolantonio’s comments about Harrison choosing to establish a business in a bad part of Philadelphia. Last time we checked, there’s no law against being rich in a poor area, Sal.


[]: The Sports Media Turned On Marvin Harrison Already

Indianapolis Colts

When Peyton says it’s a pass play, it’s a pass play dammit!

It feels like the NFL season has been over for eons now and we’re beginning to get antsy. We thought the Draft might keep us sustained until they finally kickoff, but that didn’t work. Luckily we’ve come across this video of Peyton Manning throwing a hissy-fit and his offensive lineman putting him in check.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

One trillion more watches and preseason games will be upon us!

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Odds and Ends: Formula 1 just got a little too freaky for our taste

Americans have a hard enough time getting into NASCAR, so when it comes to F1, most are pretty lost. Of course, now that there is a little sex scandal sprinkled into the vroom, vroom then it just might catch on.

FIA president Max Mosley is under intense pressure to resign his position with the Formula 1 governing body after the British tabloid News of the World divulged an illicit video showing Mosley with a group of prostitutes dressed as Nazi prison guards.

Several media outlets report that the video is said to show Mosley at a high-end brothel in Chelsea, taking part in several hours of role-playing and sado-masochistic behavior. The part of the tape that raises the most concern is Mosley reportedly speaking German with the prostitutes, who were dressed as Nazis.

Wow! Even Eliot Spitzer thinks this is over the top.

In other news…

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Indianapolis Colts

The karma police were on hand in Indianapolis last week

Maybe it was karma that caused Indianapolis to choke away an AFC title game opportunity on Sunday. After all, the Colts were up 10-7 at halftime of their contest against San Diego last week before the botch. Now, Indy fans are scuttling to find explanations for how they let another epic showdown with New England slip through their fingers, but we say look no further than the halftime entertainment. You basically begged fate to kick you in the balls by booing a little girl.

Fourteen-year-old Anny Grant was the Patriots’ representative in the annual Punt, Pass and Kick competition. And when she was introduced along with the other winners before the fourth quarter of San Diego’s playoff win over the Colts, she was the only one booed by the crowd.

Booing a 14-year-old; shame, shame. You know what they say, karma is a bitch and apparently she works double time to get revenge when a stadium of 56,950 gang up against one little girl. Of course, the New England Patriots were quick to reward Grant for sporting their colors in a hostile environment.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft says she’ll be honored on the field this week before the AFC championship game against the Chargers.

Grant also returned from school and heard a phone message from Andre Tippett, the Patriots’ executive director of community affairs and a former star linebacker. She called back and was ecstatic when Tippett extended the invitation to the game – plus tickets for her, her parents and two brothers.


[]: Patriots to honor young fan booed in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Colts

Boom! Now that’s a tackle!

The Titans won a must-win situation on Sunday night, defeating Indianapolis to secure a playoff spot. But even post season berths took a backseat in this game after Chris Henry was on the wrong end of the collision of the game – nay, the collision of the year.

Sweet mother of pearl! Did anyone get the license plate of that mini van that just ran over Henry?

NFL General

America’s Team is back atop the list of favorite NFL squads

The Harris Interactive poll came out the other day and now we know a few things about the NFL that we didn’t know before. Like: “men (63%) are more likely to follow professional football than women (37%)” or “the more education one has, the more likely one follows professional football. While three in five (60%) of those with a post grad degree follow football, 45 percent of those with a high school degree or less follow it.”

Thanks Harris Interactive! Where would we be without surveys?

But, in reality, nobody cares about facts and figures on who watches football and who doesn’t. All anybody really wants to know is: “What are your two favorite National Football League teams?”

And the results are:

1. Dallas Cowboys
2. Indianapolis Colts
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
4. Green Bay Packers
5. Chicago Bears
6. New England Patriots
7. New York Giants
8. Philadelphia Eagles
9. San Francisco 49ers
10. San Diego Chargers
11. Oakland Raiders
12. Washington Redskins
13. Cleveland Browns
14. Miami Dolphins
14. Carolina Panthers
16. Denver Broncos
17. New York Jets
18. Cincinnati Bengals
19. Minnesota Vikings
19. Seattle Seahawks
21. New Orleans Saints
21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
23. St. Louis Rams
23. Kansas City Chiefs
25. Detroit Lions
26. Tennessee Titans
26. Baltimore Ravens
28. Atlanta Falcons
29. Arizona Cardinals
30. Buffalo Bills
31. Houston Texans
32. Jacksonville Jaguars

See, Houston, if you would have picked Vince Young you could be tied for 26th most popular team in the league instead of sitting at No. 31. Oh, and you wouldn’t have gotten torched on that 39-yard touchdown run in overtime last year.


[]: Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts are Two Favorite Teams…

General Sports

ESPY Spoilers

We know that once the dog days of summer descend upon us there are really only a few events for American sporting fans to look forward to: MLB’s All-Star game, Wimbledon and, of course, the ESPY’s. With two of the three already out of the equation, we’d figured that we might as well completely ruin your final big sports bash until football kicks off by bringing you all the news from last night’s ESPY’s which will air on Sunday night. Now, we know that people spend months and months on preparing Super Bowl style parties for the pinnacle of sports awards shows, so if you don’t want to know who won because it will ruin the big affair come Sunday…too bad.

LaDainian Tomlinson was the man of the night as he took home four trophies, including the male athlete of the year, best NFL player, record-breaking performance and the Like Nothing Else award. LeBron James co-hosted the show and also found time to take home the best NBA player award, Roger Federer won his third straight male tennis player trophy after winning his fifth consecutive Wimbledon, Peyton Manning grabbed the gold for championship performance after his SB win, and Tiger Woods won the best golfer award for the third year in a row.

Indianapolis’ fun wasn’t done yet though as the Colts won the best team award and Tony Dungy won the best coach-manager trophy. Softball superstar Taryne Mowatt of Arizona won the awards for female athlete of the year and female college athlete of the year. Boise State picked up a pair of wins (best game and best play) for their memorable upset against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Best moment went to the New Orleans Saints for when they returned home to the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina and the best finish was handed to the Dodgers for their home-run filled performance against the Padres which was capped off by a Nomar Garciaparra two run long ball.

And finally, North Carolina State’s women’s basketball coach Kay Yow picked up the Jimmy V ESPY for Perseverance and Trevor Ringland and Dave Cullen were awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage award for their efforts to bring peace in Northern Ireland through the game of basketball.

So, there you have it; all the awards in a nice little package for you. Now, the only reason you need to tune in is to see LeBron making a fool of himself with a song and dance to Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.” Hopefully, it’s better than his rendition of “Stayin’ Alive.”


[]: Chargers’ Tomlinson wins 4 ESPY awards; Colts take 3

Indianapolis Colts

Odds and Ends: The ESPYs are coming! The ESPYs are coming!

The ESPY awards are just about three weeks away and the voting has begun for all 38 categories on And surprise, surprise, surprise; everybody’s favorite group of good guys, the Colts, lead the field with six nominations; including Best Team and Best Male Athlete (Peyton Manning). We’d like to see the Super Bowl champs go 0-for-6 on the evening, but that’s like asking Tony Dungy to give an acceptance speech without mentioning the Lord. It just isn’t going to happen.

In other news…

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And finally, Kobayashi’s streak of five consecutive July 4 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating contest could be unexpectedly ending after the master of raw dogging it came down with a nasty case of jaw arthritis. Apparently, Kobayashi attempted to train through the pain and ended up doing more harm than good. With the champ out of the picture, it’s time for America to put their greasy little mark back on the map of competitive eating. C’mon, “Jaws” Chestnut, we’re counting on you.

Indianapolis Colts

Colts Super Bowl Rings are pretty sweet

The Colts ring is pretty sweet if the people who designed it would just shut the hell up about it. It’s a diamond encrusted ring with a blue horseshoe prominent in the middle and it’s nice and simple. That’s probably where the description should end. But of course, here’s owner Jim Irsay on the ring his wife helped design (of course):

There’s obviously some bling. But we wanted it to have some beautiful simplicity and we wanted to feature the horseshoe. The symbol of the horseshoe is so universal, so powerful.

That’s the powerful thing about it,” he said. “In life we use symbols. .. the art of symbols and reminders are part of our culture.

Uhhh what? The horseshoe is a symbol of luck so I guess that’s the most prominent aspect of the Colts’ culture.

Oh and on one side of the ring is “Our Time” and on the other side is “Faith”. Irsay said that faith “gives you the strength to have the perseverance to move forward even after many disappointments.” Of course, the faith thing was probably demanded by Tony Dungy and his in your face Christianity. Stupid Dungy.

Finally, you know exactly where you are in the Colts organization pecking order: players and top execs got the $5,000 ring. Some employees got a scaled down version worth around $2,000. And finally the proles got a third-tier ring that is worth less than the box that the top-tier rings came in.

[USA Today]: Colts receive Super Bowl rings in private ceremony