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Odds and Ends: More on the NBA ref racial bias study

Should we call it on the black guy?

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about a study that concluded that there was a racial bias in foul calls in the NBA. One of the major flaws in that study was that the data was based on box scores and only the racial makeup of the three member crews could be used in the analysis instead of which ref made which call. Well, after the NBA criticized the study, they released actual person by person foul call data to Justin Wolfers, the professor who penned the study.

After reviewing the new data, Wolfers found that the NBA’s data actually confirms racial bias in officiating. Doh! An independent analysis of both Wolfer’s and the NBA’s study confirmed the findings in Wolfer’s study. The NBA is taking an ostrich approach: “It’s done. It’s over. We have nothing to add to what we have said already.”

In other news…

[NY Times]: Some people think an amputee sprinter might actually has an unfair advantae in the Olympics.

[]: Colts say no to car honoring team in the Indy 500.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]: Hey, Ruben Patterson, don’t forget: you’re a sex offender.

[Off Color Commentary]: Pam Oliver sucks

[One More Dying Quail]: Baseball’s All-Height Team

And finally, we have two stories on why ESPN sucks donkey. First, is Fantasy Fishing. Boy, we can’t wait to get our office ready for this thing. Second, the National Spelling Bee will be hosted by Mike and Mike. How many Golic is so dumb, he can’t spell cat jokes will there be? 200? ESPN really is ruining everything holy in sports/almost sports.

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Odds and Ends: Go ahead, drink and drive (the Zamboni)

A New Jersey Superior Court judge ruled yesterday that John Peragallo was not guilty of DWI and should have his license reinstated. Peragallo lost his license last year after arena officials saw him swerving while cleaning the ice. The judge ruled that Zambonis are not, in fact, motor vehicles. No word on whether the man was fined for wearing square pants.

In other news…

[ESPN]: Oddsmaker had previously filed a report of suspicious activity on Toledo

[Indy Star]: Colts play arrested on marijuana charge — this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t lent his water bottle to Michael Vick

[Page Six]: Let’s hope Greg Norman doesn’t fold under courtroom pressure

[Sport People]: A fairly amusing collection of sports photos. (Yet somehow misses this photo.)

[basketbawful]: What nobody was asking for: the Ben Wallace throw pillow

Indianapolis Colts

"You are not Peyton Manning"

Some idiot in Illinois bet his friends that his beloved Chicago Bears would win the Super Bowl and if they didn’t he was going to change his name to Peyton Manning. Well, we all know how that went and since the Colts won the big game, Scott Wiese has been in court fighting for his right to humiliate himself.

He claims that the name change represents the passion that he has for da’ Bears and seems to be committed to honoring the bet. But Macon County Circuit Judge Katherine McCarthy saved his ass by ruling that the name change could possibly infringe on the privacy of the real Peyton Manning and that it was just too damn confusing.

Apparently Wiese won’t appeal the ruling but his friends will probably have something to say about their boy skipping out on his promise. We suggest making him wear a Peyton Manning jersey for the next year. Sure, it’s not permanent but it is still pretty embarrassing. Hey that beats having to follow Kenny Chesney on tour for a year.


[]: Judge says man can’t change name to Peyton Manning

Indianapolis Colts

Tony Dungy isn’t anti anything, except the gays

He’s no Tim Hardaway but isn’t Tony Duny basically saying the same thing? During a speech at a fundraising dinner for the Indiana Family Insitute, a group that supports a constitution amendment banning gay marriages, Dungy said, “I appreciate the stance they’re taking, and I embrace that stance.” Dungy is smart enough to couch it as pro-family instead of anti-gay but it’s essentially the same thing.

IFI is saying what the Lord says. You can take that and make your decision on which way you want to be. I’m on the Lord’s side. We’re not anti- anything else. We’re not trying to downgrade anyone else. But we’re trying to promote the family — family values the Lord’s way.

It’s the Lord’s way or the (hershey) highway! Basically Tony Dungy, who thanked all the great fans in Indy after the Super Bowl thinks that the gay ones are evil and will burn in hell. We’re not sure that’s the type of fan appreciation they were looking for.

[Indy Star]: Dungy: ‘I embrace’ same-sex marriage ban
[Out Sports]: Dungy proudly announces opposition to gay marriage

Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning on Saturday Night Live

Following in the footsteps of Tom Brady, (isn’t he always following Tom Brady?  Well, except for that supermodels thing…) Peyton Manning will host Saturday Night Live on March 24.  

At first we weren’t so sure about this since Peyton seems like a stiff, but he has done 6,000 commercials and his appearance on David Letterman after the Super Bowl was pretty funny and not cringe inducing even once so maybe he’ll do a good job.  But there’s a big difference between scripted commercials and scripted live comedy as big as SNL.

We wonder if Eli will make a special guest appearance as the fuckup brother.

Here’s Tom Brady’s best sketch from SNL and even he looks a little awkward at times trying not to look at the camera.

Indianapolis Colts

Dominic Rhodes is still celebrating

Dominic Rhodes was arrested for DUI after he was pulled over for going 81 in a 55 mph zone at 3 a.m. on Interstate 65. The state trooper who pulled him over said that it was a run of the mill drunk driving arrest and that Rhodes was cooperative.

We think that they should have cut the guy a break. Hey it’s Dominic Rhodes! He should have at least been the co-MVP of the Super Bowl. He probably delivered more joy to the lives of people in Indiana than anyone else in the past 10 years. Perhaps a “Hey Dom, why don’t you pull over, jump into the backseat and sleep it off?” would have been sufficient. We’re not saying athletes should get special treatment. We’re just saying Super Bowl MVPs should.

[NBA Fanhouse]: Dominic Rhodes Arrested for Drunk Driving
[ESPN]: Colts running back Rhodes arrested for drunken driving

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Super Bowl XLI Live Blog – 4th Quarter

Our pick for MVP

[Newest comments will appear on top.]

Postgame Don Shula is still the man in Miami as he gets to bring the Vince Lombardi trophy to Roger Goodell to present to Jim Irsay and Tony Dungy. Jim Irsay looks kinda slimy and he just had the worst transition in the history of SB acceptance speeches.

Who had Tony Dungy being the first guy to mention The Lord? What’s the payout on that? And…um… have we ever had two non-Christian coaches in the Super bowl?

More importantly… the MVP goes to… Peyton Manning. Somehow the presenting of the MVP trophy has turned into The Price is Right as Peyton gets to take home a Caddy. Sad. Manning doesn’t really deserve this award but he’s the biggest media guy on the Colts and they couldn’t give it to Tony Dungy. Rhodes truly was the MVP though.

Allright, that does it for us over here at SC blog. We leave you with one final thought: How much weed is Edgerring James blazing up right now?

0:00 And it’s over. Colts win 29-17. Gamblers taking the Colts covered. Also, the over/under was 47 points. Hmmm… the holder for the Colts should watch his back. Congratulations to the Colts and Tony Dungy and their fans. What a great ride for those guys.

What are the odds that someone asks Lovie Smith what it feels like to be the first black coach to lose a Super Bowl?

Sorry Sarah Spain about your Bears but nothing good can come out of being associated with something as shitty as Axe Body Spray.

1:42 Bears eschew the FG and take a couple more seconds off the clock. The Bears are trying to mount a desperate comeback that is destined to end with another Rex Grossman INT.

I’m breathlessly awaiting the winner of the NFL Super Bowl ad contest. (Meanwhile Honda is wasting money.)
Wait… was that it? It’s so hard to say goodbye? With a final shot of Favre? Fucking hell. That was a disgrace.

5:32 Desmond Clark’s inability to hold onto the ball means this game is pretty much over unless there is some miracle. Now is the time to play conservative, Dungy. Chicago will be ripping at the ball on every play. The aforementioned Bears-Cards MNF must be haunting Colts fans right now. Rhodes is making his bid for MVP as he picks up a huge first down.

5:55 Already in 4 down territory, the Bears have a uge 4th and 9 here. If they don’t convert this, the fat lady will head towards the stage.

7:31 Is Tony Dungy/Tom Moore trying to Schottenheimer this game?

9:55 The fat lady is getting warmed up. Rex just threw another INT and the Colts are set up to put this thing away if they can put together a little drive. Expect plenty of Addai and Rhodes for the rest of this game. Harrison played decently and Wayne had that big TD but the MVP of this game are the running backs and the Colts defense.

Can anyone tell me what that celebration the Colts do means? It’s like a golf clap/ tipped pass indication.

11:44 Uhhh nevermind. Hayden just returned an INT for a TD. Will Grossman be the first QB to get replaced since Tony Eason? The Bears challenge but the play stands. Tony Corrente is determined not to be mentioned in the same breath as Bill Leavy. Colts up 29-17. Everyone is IMing me that the game is over but does anyone remember the Bears-Cardinals MNF game. Granted that was the Cards but crazier things have happened this year.

Al Davis is ready to overpay for Hayden and then have him rot on the bench.

13:54 Marvin Harrison hurts his leg on an incomplete. This could prove big in Colts next drive. Just answered my last question. It could be Muhsin Muhammad.

14:30 I know it’s still early but who would get the MVP at this point if the Colts were to win? Joseph Addai? Who would get it if the Bears win? The entire special teams? Whoever scores the TD?

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Super Bowl XLI Live Blog – 3rd Quarter


[Newest comments will appear on top.]

0:37 Tony Dungy makes a good challenge on the Marvin Harrison catch but we’ll see if the ref agrees with him. The 3rd quarter is winding down and it’s been pretty good so far. Yep folks, it is a catch. Indy wins the challenge. The ref who overruled the initial call looks pretty silly now. The Colts convert the 3rd and 2 and that takes us to the end of the 3rd Quarter.

1:30 Robbie Gould comes up pretty big and knocks in a 44 yard FG after Grossman almost throws an INT.

3:16 The Colts kicking team will be shot if they lose this game. They just set up the Bears on their 40 yard line.

And there it is, the airing of the Kevin Federline commercial that was leaked onto the internet early this week. Great commercial. Bud Light & Axe one is pretty funny too. The Nationwide Kevin Federline commercial and the spots are in the running for best commercial.

4:01 The Colts march down the field but they can’t knock it into the endzone. Adam Vinatieri gets the FG and the Colts are up by 8. The Bears offense has to run at least 6 plays this possession or the Bears defense will be cursing them out at they come off the field. wins.

6:17 Rex Grossman almost turned it over twice and the Colts will get it back and the Bears defense comes back onto the field.

It’s always disappointing when companies recycle old commercials for the Super Bowl. We expect a new commercial if you’re going to spend this much money on a slot. Listen Coke, this comemrcial showing “coke-machineland” isn’t so great that you need to show it here.

7:45 A very stupid challenge by Tony Dungy. Why would you challenge that unless you had video/photo proof already? Adam Vinatieri (not going to prematurely type this one cause I jinxed him on the last one) makes it and the Colts are up 19-14. As dominating as the Colts have been, they are a kick return or fumble return away from losing the game.

15:00 Total of 6 turnovers in that first half only lead to 7 points. Either the defenses are great at recovering or the offenses are piss poor. Colts are dominating on the stat board but only lead by 2 points. Here we go with the second half…

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Super Bowl XLI Live Blog – Halftime

-Welcome to the Blockbuster Total Access CBS NFL Today CSI Miami Halftime Show sponsored by Chevy Trucks and Fed Ex! Now we have to listen to Shannon Sharpe who has a Dr. Scholl’s shoe insert for a tongue. Bring on the Purple One already! By the way, what weighs more, Prince or one of Booger McFarland’s thighs?

-A man really shouldn’t be able to make a noise like Prince just made… unless he actually is burning to death. I know this is mean but I really want to see a dancer fall on her ass. It’s actually amazing they can pull this off on a stage that wet.

-Uh…. just as I thought “All Along the Watchtower” was weird, Prince just launched into the Foo Fighters’ “Best of You”. Am I high? Now Prince is doing Purple Rain. I’m so confused. How the hell did “Best of You” get into this medley?

– Woooo… thank goodness that’s over. Halftime shows are completely useless. The only way that would have been good at all was if Prince broke out his assless jeans again.

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Super Bowl XLI Live Blog – 2nd Quarter

[Newest comments will appear on top.]

0:02 Lovie Smith just earned a nice bonus from the CBS marketing team for calling that timeout to freeze Adam Vinatieri. And it apparently works cause Vinatieri misses barely left. Unlucky FG try #13. And that will end a wild and wet first half. See you on the flip side.

It only took an hour and a half for Lays, Tostitos and Doritos to remind us that Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are black. Always good when corporations take advantage of “celebrating” race to promote their products.

1:18 Forget what I said about not as much action in the 2nd quarter as in the first. Now Rex Grossman fumbles it right back to the Colts. This is officially the most bizarre Super Bowl ever.

2:00 The Colts probably don’t want to go to halftime since they’re in such a good rhythm. It feels like this quarter is faster but maybe that’s because there haven’t been as much action. If the Colts pick up this first down, expect Manning to take em all the way to the endzone… unless…uh… Fletcher fumbles the ball.

Connectile dysfunction – I hate when that happens.

I’ve already immediately forgotten this heart healthy commercial and I know it’s a good cause and it’s probably a good time to remind people that they can’t gorge themselves on wings and ribs and nachos and pizza and expect their tickers to hold up… but… this is the Super Bowl and we’re all partying. Why harsh our mellow?

6:15 Where is the vaunted Bears defense? Even in these sloppy conditions, the Colts seem to be able to move at will. Rhodes crashes into the endzone and the Colts take the lead. Time to see what Rex Grossman’s got. Will Lovie Smith trust him in the rain or will there be a heavy dose of Thomas Jones now that Cedric Benson is dinged up and questionable for his return.

Careerbuilder continues their string of good commercials with everyone falling off the cliff like lemmings. Meanwhile, this Doritos commercial is horrible. No one wants to see ugly people in commercials. No one. CBS is saying screw youtube and will post all the commercials on their site after the game.

11:38 Indianapolis settles for the FG and they are now down 9-14. By the way that last sentence was typed before Adam actually kicked the ball. He’s that automatic.

The Super Bowl is so dominated by beer commercials that it’s hard to remember whether it was for Budweiser, Miller or another beer. I think that’s called noise.

15:00 After that wild first quarter, you kinda expect things to settle down a little bit. Colts are threatening quickly though.