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High school water polo players get unwanted attention on the internet

We feel sorry for all the teenage water polo players in California and it’s not just because they are teenage water polo players. Turns out that a number of pictures of adolescent H2Oers are winding up on a handful of gay Web sites. Apparently it isn’t all fast cars, fist fights and hot chicks in the O.C. Damn show lied to us.

An Orange County Register investigation has found that some of the pictures, of boys as young as 14, were displayed next to photos of nude young men and graphic sexual content.

An international water polo official and a spokeswoman for a group of Orange County water polo parents says it’s “just horrible” for someone to “take what these kids are doing and take it out of context and exploit these images.”

Police at the University of California, Irvine, say they are investigating whether a campus police dispatcher had photographed the high school athletes for gay-oriented sites.

The man has not been charged.

Wait a stinkin’ minute. We didn’t know Herbert was working again. And in California no less.


[]: Teen Athletes Unwittingly Featured On Porn Sites

College Basketball

Don’t "fag out" on Billy Packer

We’re tempted to file this under “everyone is getting waaaaaaay too sensitive” and disregard but since it’s Billy Packer and everyone hates Billy Packer, we might as well post it. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Billy Packer used the term “fag out” to indicate that Charlie would flake out on him. Now everyone is debating whether the term is anti-gay or simply British. (Why do Brits always get away with using terms that most of us can’t but then they get all huffy with Tiger Woods for calling himself a spaz?)

Now we agree that Billy Packer is an old bastard who should be put out to pasture, but this is getting a little ridiculous. This term is listed in the Urban Dictionary as “To bail on something, ‘pussy out’.” Pussy out? Pussies of the world should be offended and unite! Please see Phil Mickelson for the sign up sheet.

Billy Packer is an offensive asshole, and we wouldn’t be suprised if he’s the type to pull aside someone and say, “did you hear the one about the Jew, the Catholic, and the Colored Boy who went to heaven?”, but we should be more offended that he was verbally fellating Florida the entire tournament.

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Indianapolis Colts

Tony Dungy isn’t anti anything, except the gays

He’s no Tim Hardaway but isn’t Tony Duny basically saying the same thing? During a speech at a fundraising dinner for the Indiana Family Insitute, a group that supports a constitution amendment banning gay marriages, Dungy said, “I appreciate the stance they’re taking, and I embrace that stance.” Dungy is smart enough to couch it as pro-family instead of anti-gay but it’s essentially the same thing.

IFI is saying what the Lord says. You can take that and make your decision on which way you want to be. I’m on the Lord’s side. We’re not anti- anything else. We’re not trying to downgrade anyone else. But we’re trying to promote the family — family values the Lord’s way.

It’s the Lord’s way or the (hershey) highway! Basically Tony Dungy, who thanked all the great fans in Indy after the Super Bowl thinks that the gay ones are evil and will burn in hell. We’re not sure that’s the type of fan appreciation they were looking for.

[Indy Star]: Dungy: ‘I embrace’ same-sex marriage ban
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NBA General

Hardaway To Hang With Gays And Lesbians

Tim Hardaway says that he doesn’t hate gay people anymore, so to prove it Hardaway plans to speak with a gay organization soon so that he can “make them understand” why he made his comments. That’s probably not the best approach to take in this situation, he might want to consider using this opportunity to focus on how to be more considerate of others. Nah, Hardaway feels that hanging out with gays and lesbians for an hour or so will be enough to change his outlook on the matter. When asked about sensitivity training Hardaway replied, “Why should I go to that? I’d rather go straight to (a gay organization).” Now, who would have predicted that statement coming out of Timmy’s mouth a few weeks ago?

But apparently Hardaway still has issues when it comes to promoting the homosexual community in any way. He doesn’t want to talk about Ameachi’s reaction to his tirade saying “I wasn’t interested in what he had to say about (my comments). I’m not interested in trying to sell his book.” And when he was invited to spend the day with North Miami’s gay Mayor Kevin Burns, Hardaway rebuffed the offer “because that was more for publicity for him.”

Look, if he wants to move past this situation, he’s going to have to do a bit more to embrace the gay population than simply popping into a local community center for a bit. Hardaway simply doesn’t get the concept of image. He threw himself under a bus because he didn’t know how to project himself properly and now he can’t get out from beneath the wheels because of his own stupidity.



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Can Chris Rock please call Tim Hardaway?

By now everyone’s heard of Tim Hardaway’s comments on hating gay people. So we’d like to point out this bit from Chris Rock. We’ve said it before: Chris Rock is a friggin’ genius and the most important comic out there. (And on top of that, he can tell the future.) In any case, here’s what Rock had to say about gays from Bigger and Blacker:

You know what’s fucked up? Everybody gets so homophobic. People, we need to cut that shit out… ’cause everybody in this room got at least a gay cousin. Every last one of you got a gay cousin. You knew he was gay when y’all was kids. You was playing ball, he was jumping rope. He didn’t turn gay, he was gay then. He just didn’t have nobody to be gay with.

Shit, l got a gay uncle. Call him Aunt Tom. Every Christmas, he comes over with his ”friend.” See, it don’t make no sense to hate nobody. lt don’t make no sense to be a racist, sexist, or nothing, but…. lt don’t. lt doesn’t. lt don’t make no sense… ’cause whoever you hate will end up in your family. That’s right, you don’t like gays,you’re gonna have a gay son.

Now check out this clip of Hardaway when asked what if he had a gay family member. I’m sure Tim is a God fearing man. And the best thing is that God has a great sense of humor. Can’t wait for someone in Hardaway’s family to come out. Wait… does Hardaway have any kids?

(By the way, no more Tim Hardaway stories until he does something really stupid.)

[Yahoo]: Amaechi responds to Hardaway’s comments

NBA General

Tim Hardaway hates gay people… no… seriously

You want me to drop an f bomb?

That’s right folks, Mr. Utep 2 Step hates gays. Say it loud and say it proud!

You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known. I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States.

First of all, I wouldn’t want [Amaechi] on my team. And second of all, if he was on my team, I would, you know, really distance myself from him because, uh, I don’t think that’s right. And you know I don’t think he should be in the locker room while we’re in the locker room. I wouldn’t even be a part of that.

You knew it was only a matter of time before someone just came right out and said it. A few players came out in support of Amaechi, a few came out with head scratching quotes but Timmy Hardaway is the first to flat out say he hates gays. Later on, Hardaway apologized for his remarks and said, “I regret it. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said I hate gay people or anything like that. That was my mistake.” Notice that he didn’t back away from his stance. He just said he regretted saying it.

Someone isn’t getting a Christmas card from John Amaechi this year.

[ESPN]: Former Heat star Hardaway makes anti-gay comments