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Goooooooal!! Nooooooo!!

Other than watching Jim Marshall running a fumble in for a touchdown, er, safety back in the mid 60s, this might be one of the funniest things we’ve seen in sports.

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The future of hockey hooliganism is in good hands

We knew that Jonathan Roy, son of hockey great Patrick Roy, was already a loose cannon after he skated clear across the ice to get his brawl on, but we had no idea that Todd Bertuzzi had a kid who was already following in his father’s footsteps.

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with assault with a weapon following an alleged stick-swinging incident during a hockey game in southwestern Ontario.

Provincial police say a player on a midget team from Paris, Ont., took a two-handed swing with his stick during a Feb. 22 game and hit an opposing player in the abdomen.

The injured player, from the nearby town of Caledonia, was taken to Brantford General Hospital with a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding.

We’re guessing it looked a little bit like this only it wasn’t in an office and the kid got whacked in the gut.


[]: Teen charged after alleged assault with hockey stick


Odds and Ends: Zab Judah perfects the backhanded bet

Boxers are a confident breed and they just love to talk trash. Zab Judah is no different, so he decided to open his mouth and actually bet Shane Mosley a nice chunk of change that he would knock him out in their upcoming fight on May 31. Don’t worry, the bout is going down in Las Vegas.

That’s free money,” Judah said. “If he’s so confident and so much in shape, then why didn’t he take it? The last time I put a $100,000 bet on the table was against Corey Spinks. What did I do? I knocked him out.”

Mosley declined. But this is what’s great about boxing. Any other sport and Judah’s suspended; here, he’s celebrated.

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The NHL and mullets – a match made in heaven

We always knew hockey and mullets had a unique relationship going on, we just didn’t realize exactly how strong the bond truly was until now. Believe it or not, in the annals of hockey history, the mullet gets more respect than most goalies.

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Hockey shows off its softer side

If it’s taking you a while to adjust to the idea that MLBers on occasion use pink bats, then you might want to watch your college hockey on a black and white television set this weekend. But don’t be alarmed if you come across your favorite team looking oh so pretty in pink because it’s for a good cause: fighting cancer.

I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting them to be as bright as they were. They’re bright,” [Fredonia State men’s hockey] assistant coach Greg Heffernan said, recalling when the special-order uniforms first arrived. “And the best part of it is, that’s definitely making a statement.”

And a colorful one at that as Fredonia — 50 miles south of Buffalo — joins most every school across the country by taking part in this weekend’s NCAA-sponsored promotion to raise both money and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

“We might get termed the `Pink Devils’ for the game,” Heffernan said. “But that would be fine by us.

Pink hockey jerseys shouldn’t be anything too shocking. After all, we’ve seen pink bats, pink socks, pink ribbons, pink jerseys, pink shoes and so on and so and so on. But have you ever seen a pink rink? No? Well, you need go no further than Mississauga, Ontario this Wednesday evening to think pink and watch some hard-hitting St. Michael’s Majors hockey.

The theme that evening will be breast cancer awareness and the colour pink will be resonating throughout the building. For that night only, the ice will be painted pink, which is a first in the history of the OHL. Also, the Majors will be wearing special, pink jerseys, which will be auctioned off on their web site ( during the week following the event. And, the referees will be decked out in pink jerseys as well.


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Brawl breaks out at Russian hockey game

When Russians play hockey, they play for keeps. And when they fight, they fight to win. Combine the two and you’ve got the recipe for a whole lotta blood on the ice.

Talk about an orgy of violence! If anyone ever decides to produce The Outsiders on ice then this is exactly what we’d expect to see at the end.


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As long as guys compete in figure skating then girls get to play hockey

We’re all about equal opportunity, so when we heard that there were a couple of high school girls playing on the school’s hockey team, we thought it was pretty cool. After all, what guy doesn’t want to hang out with a girl who’s willing to strap on the pads and check you right into the boards?

Now, we know that girls playing typically “boys” sports is nothing new. There are some great female competitors on football, baseball, basketball and even hockey teams all across this great country of ours. We were just always kind of curious as to how or why these girls would choose to endure the physical and verbal abuse of playing with the big boys instead of going down the typical path of feminization by society.

Well, here’s the story behind these two girls’ love for skating and eventually hockey.

I had to walk out and push to keep my balance, and my dad would dangle my Barbie dolls on a string and make me go get it,” Olivia [Fraioli] recalled.

Brittany [McManamey] went through similar training.

“If I went a certain amount of distance, that’s how much he’d pay for candy. Like if I went two feet, he’d pay $2,” she said.

Wait, you were trained to skate in the same fashion that horses are trained to pull carts, by dangling proverbial carrots just out of reach. We thought that was only effective with WNBA players.


[]: H.S. Girls Take to the Ice

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Forget about SkyCam, we want the audio exclusives

We propose that every major sports association makes it mandatory for coaches and players to wear microphones during every game. Call us crazy, but we’d almost rather hear the chit chat on the field than some of these loser broadcast crews. Think about it; would you rather hear Mike Tirico blabber for three hours on Monday Night Football or listen to coach Gruden ask his staff where his team is currently sitting on the field. Yeah, it happens.

Of course, if you wanna know why we don’t always mic up players and coaches, just imagine the kinds of things you’d hear come out of guys like Bobby Knight if he forgot he was wired.

Philadelphia Flyers

Hockey fight! Hockey fight! Hockey fight!

Our reactions were a bit delayed in getting this video of the Riley Cote/Aaron Asham fight posted, but kinda like our participants’ duel, it’s totally worth the wait. It takes a second for these guys to get going, but once they do, it’s like they’re holding jackhammers to each other’s face.


[]: Riley Cote, Bam! Kapow! Splat!

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Odds and Ends: Go ahead, drink and drive (the Zamboni)

A New Jersey Superior Court judge ruled yesterday that John Peragallo was not guilty of DWI and should have his license reinstated. Peragallo lost his license last year after arena officials saw him swerving while cleaning the ice. The judge ruled that Zambonis are not, in fact, motor vehicles. No word on whether the man was fined for wearing square pants.

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