Indianapolis Colts

Boom! Now that’s a tackle!

The Titans won a must-win situation on Sunday night, defeating Indianapolis to secure a playoff spot. But even post season berths took a backseat in this game after Chris Henry was on the wrong end of the collision of the game – nay, the collision of the year.

Sweet mother of pearl! Did anyone get the license plate of that mini van that just ran over Henry?

NFL General

Hey Goodell, we’re still waiting on the personal conduct policy

Chris Henry

For all the talk about about Roger Goodell instituting a league personal conduct policy during the owners meetings, it looks like it won’t get done till sometime before the NFL draft in late April. Since sources say that the sanctions might be applied retroactively (which doesn’t make sense at all to us but the NFL has more power than God), it’s liable to affect players who are still getting into trouble now because they don’t know any better, or at least that’s what their agents will say on appeal.

First up is our old friend Chris Henry. The latest incident for Henry is being cited for three traffic chargers: driving with a suspended license, failure to wear a seatbelt, and making an improper turn. All very minor stuff but you can’t get into any trouble if you’ve already been arrested 4 times in the last 14 months.

Second up is Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall who was arrested for false imprisonment and domestic violence charges after an argument with his girlfriend at their Colorado home. This seems to be one of those trumped up charges since his girlfriend had no injuries and the “false imprisonment” charge was Marshall blocking her taxi with his car to prevent her from leaving. In a romantic comedy, that’s the denouement, in real life, it’s a crime.

In any case, Pacman Jones is scheduled to meet with Roger Goodell on April 3rd. Here’s how the meeting will go:

: Hello Adam, please tell me about all the times you’ve been arrested or questioned by the police since you came into the league.
Jones: Well, there was the assault charge… and the weapons charge… and there was the public intoxication… and then there was the marijuana charge… then there was the spitting incident with the Tennessee State ho… and then of course the NBA All-Star Game…

Goodell (to secretary): Got all that? Good. Clean that up and put everything he did in the “examples of violating the conduct policy” section. We’re done.

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NFL General

Santonio Holmes still trails Chris Henry by 2 arrests

Baby Momma drama

Santonio Holmes has been arrested again, this time for assaulting his baby momma. She called the police to report that the father of her child assaulted her and while the police were there to take her report, Holmes returned to the apartment and was arrested.

Ironically, before the NFL Draft, Holmes said he wanted to be a top pick so he could support his three children. That Santonio, always looking out for family. Well, either looking out for or lying to them. Holmes made the news in May for getting arrested on Memorial Day weekend for disorderly conduct in Miami when he told his mom he was still in Columbus Ohio.

Holmes is clearly losing the battle with Chris Henry, WR for the Bengals. Two arrests in two states? Please. Henry has been arrested four times in three states! The latest charge was providing alcohol to three underage girls a.k.a The Marcus Vick Special. His previous three arrests were for marijuana possession, concealed weapon charge, and DUI.

Come on Santonio! We realize you haven’t even hit training camp yet but Chris Henry is only a 2nd year player. You gotta be at least within 1 arrest of him. May we suggest going on a boat cruise with Fred Smoot?


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