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ESPN just loves being a wisenheimer

You might think that the NBA has a flawless relationship with “The Worldwide Leader in Sports,” but you’d be wrong. Even though the pair have a strong partnership together pumping hoops, as you’d expect, ESPN is basically the wild, bratty little sibling that the big brother NBA must keep in check from time to time. Especially when ESPN is backhandedly trying to promote a season-ending injury to one of the league’s greatest superstars.

The NBA, late last week, was moved to make a phone call to ESPN, one strongly suggesting that “ESPN Attitude” had again gone too far in the pursuit of the young and desensitized.

On Dec. 7, an poll asked what Boston-specific event one would most like to see happen, over the weekend: 1) “Steelers beat the Patriots.” 2) “Johan Santana traded to any team besides the Red Sox.” 3) “Kevin Garnett blow out his knee.”

Following the NBA’s complaint, ESPN removed the question.

In return the NBA has agreed to remove a poll from that asked which SportsCenter anchor would most like to see hung by his toes and beaten like a piƱata by a class of fourth-graders: 1) “Stuart Scott.” 2) “Stuart Scott.” 3) “Stuart Scott.”


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America’s Team is back atop the list of favorite NFL squads

The Harris Interactive poll came out the other day and now we know a few things about the NFL that we didn’t know before. Like: “men (63%) are more likely to follow professional football than women (37%)” or “the more education one has, the more likely one follows professional football. While three in five (60%) of those with a post grad degree follow football, 45 percent of those with a high school degree or less follow it.”

Thanks Harris Interactive! Where would we be without surveys?

But, in reality, nobody cares about facts and figures on who watches football and who doesn’t. All anybody really wants to know is: “What are your two favorite National Football League teams?”

And the results are:

1. Dallas Cowboys
2. Indianapolis Colts
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
4. Green Bay Packers
5. Chicago Bears
6. New England Patriots
7. New York Giants
8. Philadelphia Eagles
9. San Francisco 49ers
10. San Diego Chargers
11. Oakland Raiders
12. Washington Redskins
13. Cleveland Browns
14. Miami Dolphins
14. Carolina Panthers
16. Denver Broncos
17. New York Jets
18. Cincinnati Bengals
19. Minnesota Vikings
19. Seattle Seahawks
21. New Orleans Saints
21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
23. St. Louis Rams
23. Kansas City Chiefs
25. Detroit Lions
26. Tennessee Titans
26. Baltimore Ravens
28. Atlanta Falcons
29. Arizona Cardinals
30. Buffalo Bills
31. Houston Texans
32. Jacksonville Jaguars

See, Houston, if you would have picked Vince Young you could be tied for 26th most popular team in the league instead of sitting at No. 31. Oh, and you wouldn’t have gotten torched on that 39-yard touchdown run in overtime last year.


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