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Chad Johnson’s mouth makes the news again

Chad Johnson loves to talk. And talk and talk and talk. So, it isn’t surprising that every now and then he makes a fool of himself by barking like a pit-bull and biting like yorkie. It’s really no big deal when it comes to gridiron trash talk; Johnson’s gotta be used to wiping egg off his face by now, but people in the real world don’t seem to appreciate it when he doesn’t back up his promises.

Cincinnati resident Thomas J. Monahan is suing Funny Bone Comedy Club after Johnson failed to follow through with his promise to give away a Lexus that he had received for free from a Florida dealership. Apparently Monahan bought a bunch of tickets at $17 a pop only to have Johnson give the car to some nappy headed ho. Monahan’s son also got screwed out of a trip to the Super Bowl that Johnson had put up for grabs. But Monahan isn’t alone as five other plaintiffs are getting in on the action claiming that they were also denied trips that were promised by Ocho-Cinco during his stint as host of a comedy showcase at the club.

Damn Chad, if you keep flapping your lips like this and your list of “Who Covered 85 in `05” will be dwarfed by the new “Who Sued 85 in ’07” list, and nobody wants that. The NFL and its fans need your flashy grills, silly hairdos, big mouth and especially your choreographed TD celebrations. And after making it into the end zone only seven times last season, we need you to be on the practice field, not in the courtroom.


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NFL General

Goodell’s conduct policy already having an effect

Joey Porter is listening

Joey Porter may be a blowhard and a tool but he’s no fool. A day after Roger Goodell announced his new conduct policy and dropped the hammer on Pacman Jones and Chris Henry, Joey decided he better make nice to Levi Jones for (according to Levi) ambushing him out in Las Vegas.

I wish it never would have happened. I don’t know how Levi feels, but the faster we can get this behind us, (the better).

I don’t mind calling him. If he truly believes, if he feels like I was wrong, I’m sorry. I can apologize. I am reaching out now.

At the end of the day, none of us is going to get anything good out of this.

You see Joey working here? By “none of us” he means himself. Having your posse ambush another football player and being charged with misdemeanor battery falls within the personal conduct policy. It’s amazing how a threat of losing paychecks immediately puts everyone in line. Goodell got exactly the reaction he was looking for.

[Cincinnati Enquirer]: Porter sort of says sorry to Bengals tackle Jones

Cincinnati Bengals

Levi Jones calls Joey Porter a coward

A couple of weeks ago, Joey Porter was arrested for punching Levi Jones in the face. It was widely reported that Levi was knocked down and had to be treated for a gash above his eye. Well, Levi Jones would like you to know that he’s tougher than that.

It was problematic for me and my family, especially when the true story wasn’t out there. The particulars about how everything went down, I mean, ESPN, all they wanted to report was Joey Porter hit me in the face.

Six guys attacked me from behind before he did it. When the true story came out, ESPN still didn’t want to report it.

He (Porter) got my attention from the front and wouldn’t get near me until the six guys jumped me from behind, (then) he took part.

First of all, ESPN not reporting all the facts in the story? Shocking. Second, if true, Levi Jones’s account of the fight fits right in line with how we feel about Joey Porter. It wouldn’t suprise us in the least if Porter was the type to let his buddies do the work.

[Cincinnati Enquirer]: Jones: Vegas fracas an ambush

Miami Dolphins

Joey Porter punches Levi Jones in the face

A football player got arrested in an incident with a Cincinnati Bengal and it wasn’t a Bengal! Marvin Lewis certainly is turning that team around. Hell, the Bengal was even the victim.

Joey Porter, perhaps feeling disrespected, punched Levi Jones in the face at the Palms in Las Vegas yesterday. Police said that Porter was cited for battery and Levi Jones was treated at the scene. Said Las Vegas police Lt. Kevin McMahill:

Apparently these two have a history with each other, a history of trash talking on the field.

Doesn’t Joey Porter have a history with everyone? If you don’t want to get punched in the face, avoid Joey Porter like the plague. We imagine he’s like Rick James (insanity not coke) and forgets he punches people five minutes later.

Things ought to get interesting on the field this year as the Dolphins play the Bengals in Porter’s new house.

[Las Vegas Review Journal]: NFL’s Porter accused of punching rival at Palms

Atlanta Hawks

In today’s marijuana news…

We’ve got a trio of drug related news for you today folks. First up is Michael “Don’t Criticize Me” Vick. Vick has been cleared by Miami police of any wrongdoing because the super secret spy water bottle he tried to bring aboard a plane at Miami International did not contain any pot. Vick certainly dodged a bullet there but what kind of moron refuses to surrender a water bottle with NOTHING IN IT? Vick’s last contract was for $130M… the water bottle costs $20. That Michael Vick ain’t too smart.

Second up is yet another Bengals arrest. This time cornerback Johnathan Joseph was arrested for pot possession after a car in which he was the passenger was pulled over. Police smelled marijuana and searched a Super Bowl XL backpack and found the pot. Good thing that swag is going to good use. This marks the 4,397th arrest for the Bengals this year.

Finally, Mike Tyson has plead not guilty to drug charges even though he admitted to being an addict in an interview with police and was busted with cocaine. His lawyer said, “Drug addiction is a victimless crime. We believe this is the kind of crime where you shouldn’t go to prison.” So doesn’t this mean he’s guilty but wants a lighter sentence? Ahh the good ole justice system. He’ll get a slap on the wrist and some community service.

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San Diego Chargers

Chargers still trailing Bengals by 5 arrests

Gets on the scoreboard

If the Bengals are Jailblazers East, does that make the Chargers the Bengals West or Jailblazers South? It’s hard to keep up with these nicknames for football teams anymore. On Monday cornerback Markus Curry was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. While at Michigan, Curry was arrested and put on probation for… you guessed it… domestic abuse.

Curry was immediately released by the team although GM A.J. Smith would not confirm that the release was a result of the arrest. Smith said, “There are many reasons why a player is released.” Ummm… sure. Just because B follows A doesn’t mean that A caused B. We get it. Just like Britney Spears turning into a fat disgusting mess had nothing to do with her hillbilly upbringing.

This marks the 5th arrest by a Chargers player. Shaun Phillips and Steve Foley were arrested in April, Steve Foley was arrested/shot in September. Terrence Kiel was arrested for selling cough syrup in late September. And now Curry. The Bengals have had 6 players arrested but since Chris Henry was arrested four times, they have an almost insurmountable lead in the crime department. Henry was started his two game suspension yesterday for violating the NFL’s conduct policy.

[Sign On San Diego]: Bolts CB arrested; released by team

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Cincinnati Bengals

Attention Identity Thieves: Here’s Odell Thurman’s Social Security Number

The Cincinnati Enquirer released the police video of the Odell Thurman arrest today. It’s long and uneventful except for one thing — you can get Odell Thurman’s social security number from it. From his player page, you know he was born on 7/9/1983. Now you figure out his mother’s maiden name and you’re good to go. Better hurry up though, there’s speculation that Thurman will be suspended a full year by the NFL for this latest infraction since he was already serving a 4 game suspension. That money is going to dry up fast.

You’d think the police or the Cinci Enquirer would have the good sense to bleep out his social security number when releasing the video. But you know, maybe those annoying Visa commercials have squashed identify theft already.

[Cincinnati Enquirer]: Video: Thurman’s arrest

[Cincinnati Post]: Thurman faces new suspension

Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals keep lighting up the arrests scoreboard

The Cincinnati Bengals had a statement win yesterday, beating defending Super Bowl champs the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-20 in a great game. So how do the NFL’s version of the Jailblazers celebrate? By having a player get arrested of course.

Odell Thurman, who is already serving a four game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy was pulled over and arrested for DUI early Sunday morning. He blew a .17 in a state with a legal limit of .08 on the breathalyzer.

Thurman said he had a few beers but was driving because the other passengers were in worse shape. The two passengers turned out to be Chris Henry and rookie WR Reggie McNeal. To prove Thurman’s point, Chris Henry proceeded to throw up out the window of the car.

Here’s what I like about the Bengals. They’re not afraid to spread the arrests around. They’re like one of those west coast offenses where each offensive player ends up with 3 catches and 30 yards each. Look at the selfishness of Chris Henry here. Having already been arrested for a gun charge in Florida, Henry knew that it wasn’t his turn to get arrested on a DUI so he let Odell Thurman drive. Next week, who knows, maybe the rookie will get his chance to shine. Teamwork folks.

[Cincinnati Enquirer]: Thurman busted in OVI check

Cincinnati Bengals

Chad Johnson is the best trash talker in the league

Kellen Winslow might have fired the first round but then Chad Johnson returned fire with a series of shots. First, Winslow said that Browns corner Leigh Bodden would shut down Chad this weekend. In response, Chad had a teleconference with the Cleveland media that must have made Marvin Lewis just shake his head.

It’s humanly impossible to stop 85. You are kind of insulting me. I cannot be stopped. Period. Regardless as to how many times Carson and I missed on our page, I still give credit to [Leigh Bodden]. If you want to be realistic about it, he didn’t stop me — but I’m going to give him his credit anyways. That’s what I did.

I can’t be stopped, regardless as to what Kellen Winslow says. If he feels that strongly, that’s good. His teammates should have faith in him like that, to feel that he is the best cornerback. I feel that way about my corner. There is nothing wrong with that. You know what I feel? I feel our defense will shut down Kellen Winslow.

Have you ever seen anyone cover me before? I have six years’ worth of film. Go get all of them and find someone that has stopped me. You saw me drop balls in the Pepto game. Last year, in the second game here, you saw balls all over the place because it was a heavy wind game.

You didn’t see anyone physically stop me, physically knock the ball down, physically jam me at the line or reroute me. Come on now, let’s talk football.

Winner and still champeeeen — #85.


[Yahoo]: Words flying as Browns prepare for Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

Chad Johnson’s Chicken Dance

I’m no creampuff!

Chad Johnson is going to lead the World’s Largest Chicken Dance this weekend at Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati. This certainly beats Carson Palmer’s Cornhole Classic, which is a lot more innocent than it sounds. It’s much better to be associated with Chicken Dancing than cornholing.

Anyway, Chad Johnson’s involvement as the Grand Marshall just upped the cool factor of this event 1,000 times. Previous leaders of the Chicken Dance were Weird Al Yankovich, Tony Orlando, Mini-Me, Vince Neil (uncool version), and Uncle Al and Captain Windy, whoever they are.

A Cincinnati bakery is also selling special Chad Johnson ‘He’s No Cream Puff’ Cream Puffs. (Thank god no one is selling ‘He’s no Pink Taco’ Pink Tacos.)

Is there any question that the Chicken Dance is on the menu should 85 score a TD this weekend?


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