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Donovan McNabb doesn’t know NFL games can end in ties

The Eagles just had the first tie game in 6 years. ¬†Against the Bengals. ¬† And to add insult (or hilarity) to injury, here’s McNabb telling a reporter that he didn’t know NFL games can end in ties. ¬† Hmmm, I guess that explains the lack of urgency during the last couple minutes of the game.

Wait.. check that, there was no urgency at all during the game either.

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The Madden cover that should have been

If not for John Madden being in love with Brett Favre, this is the madden cover that should have been released this year. And it would have been perfect for the Madden Curse.

Source: Operation Sports


Oh Tiger Woods, you crazy blasphemer you

This is a fantastic commercial by EA Sports for the new Tiger Woods 09. It was made in response to a guy who found a glitch in Tiger Woods 08 that let him play in the water.

By the way, are you allowed to dip your club in the water like that when playing from a lily pad? Or is that like playing out of a bunker?

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Odds and Ends: Wolverine?! We always pegged Robin as an All Star catcher

If you’re anything like us then a lot of your childhood consisted of comic books and sports. When our nose wasn’t buried in the latest edition of X-Men, Punisher or Green Lantern, we would be pretending we possessed super powers while trying to school each other on court/field/diamond/whatever. So, when released their 2008 Super Hero All-Stars, we instantly thought “What the hell! Why isn’t Nightcrawler playing in the outfield?!?”

1. Flash (SS) — We don’t need to explain why Flash is at the top of the lineup do we? A ridiculous combination of OBP and stolen bases, the only thing keeping him from being the perfect leadoff man is that he doesn’t speak in the third person.

2. Spiderman (CF) — You think Torii Hunter can climb walls? Please. Spidey sense tells him how to line up the defense and his webbing and speed turns him into some freakish combination of Willie Mays and Junior. Plus, it just seems like he could slap singles all day long.

3. Superman (LF) — X-Ray vision and faster than a speeding bullet probably don’t “hurt” anyone in the batter’s box. Flying isn’t a bad superpower to rock out in the field either.

4. The Thing (DH) — An incredibly strong dude made of literal rock isn’t much good for anything besides cleaning up. Like Papi, but with less fat and more taterjacks.

5. Batman (3B) — The only man on the planet with more tools than David Wright.

6. Wolverine (C) — Just in case you thought you got through the heart of the order, Wolvie is here to gnash at six. Literally a meast. And obviously not someone you want to try and bowl over at home plate. Shink-shink, son.

7. Punisher (RF) — He doesn’t really have any “super” powers, per se. But go ahead, try and tag up from second to third and see if he doesn’t gun your ass down. Go ahead. No, really. Guns.

8. Mr. Fantastic (1B) — If it seems like he might be a better fit elsewhere in the field, just remember that he has a decent reach and range on throws over to first. Also see: collapsible strike zones.

9. Captain America (2B) — Kind of like the Mark Lemke of super heroes, he’s not particularly great at anything. But he works his ass off. And he’s American. Plus, he can’t possibly be worse than Dan Uggla.

SP: Human Torch — What can we say? The guy’s got a gascan attached to his right arm. (Would you prefer “he throws fire?”)

CL: The Hulk — You could argue that you want the Hulk to bat. But what happens when this loser steps up to the plate? Plus, just wait until the top of the ninth and put matches in between his toes or tell him Torch f’d his sister and all of a sudden your closer makes Papelbon look like Ghandi.

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And finally, hey, is that a young John Cena?

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Mike Ditka makes a fool of himself twice in half a minute. What else is new?

Man, oh, man! No matter how many times we see this, it never gets old. Football can’t get here soon enough.


[Deuce of Davenport]: The Bears Still Suck

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Picking the Kentucky Derby Scrabble style

Since we have no idea who is going to win the Kentucky Derby and any pick is as good as another, every year we just use the Scrabble pick.  We rank the horses in the order of their Scrabble score and hope that by some miracle, it actually works and we win our $100 $2 trifecta bet.  And, of course, the bragging rights when it does happen.

So without further ado, here are the Scrabble picks for this year’s Kentucky Derby.  Scrabble points are from the Scrabble Score Generator and ddds from Bodog’s Kentucky Derby odds page.

  1. Bob Black Jack (37 pts) / 50-1
  2. Recapturetheglory (28 pts) / 20-1
  3. Colonel John (23 pts) / 9-2
  4. Behindthebar (23 pts) / ?

Surprisingly, two horses with Zs in their name didn’t make the top 4.  There you go folks.  When you hit that huge superfecta, send us a tip, ok?

All the other scrabble scores after the jump, in case you want to go lowest to highest in your wager.

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2008 MLB Payrolls

It’s good to be A-Rod

The 2008 Major League Baseball payrolls were released today and the Yankees somehow managed to spend more than ever with a total payroll of $209M. That is a $14M increase over last year’s payroll, which incidentally bought them a first round exit out of the playoffs by the Indians, who cost about a third as much. It’s hardly surprising that the Yankees are #1 when you consider that A-Rod will make more than the entire Florida Marlins roster this year.

The real surprise is that the Red Sox are no longer #2.  Boston actually pared payroll by $10M this season and have been supplanted by the Detroit Tigers, who acquired Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera in the offseason, apparently with designs to win it all this year.  The Tigers spent a league high $43.5M more this year vs 2007.  Other teams who really opened up the checkbook this year are the Mets (+$20M) and the… Rays?  Tampa Bay spent an extra $20M this year but still ranks next to last with a total payroll of $43.8M.  

Besides the Red Sox, the Giants, A’s, and Orioles all stand out for significantly reducing payroll when MLB as a whole spent an additional $203M this year vs 2007.  For the record, the Rockies only spent $54M on payroll last year.

The entire 2008 MLB Payroll numbers after the jump.

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Feb 27 2008 episode of Poor Man’s PTI

Welcome to another episode of Poor Man’s PTI.  

You can download this week’s podcast directly (running time 90 mins) or subscribe to the feed.  

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This week’s topics include:

  • Asante Samuel wants obscene money
  • NBA talk and playoffs
  • Red Sox visit George Bush
  • MLB talk
  • What? Hockey talk!?
  • What teams would you eliminate in every league?
  • Pop culture

Hope you guys enjoy the podcast.  If you did enjoy it, please give us a good rating below so we can rise up in the rankings. If you didn’t, send us an email ([email protected]) and give us some suggestions. Thanks for listening.

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Feb 20 2008 episode of Poor Man’s PTI

Welcome to another episode of Poor Man’s PTI.  

You can download this week’s podcast directly (running time 75 mins) or subscribe to the feed.  

If you use iTunes, just click here and then click subscribe and iTunes will take care of the rest.

This week’s topics include:

  • Phillies punk Kyle Kendrick
  • Patriots spygate
  • NBA trades
  • NYC shuts down OTB
  • pop culture for the week

Hope you guys enjoy the podcast.  If you did enjoy it, please give us a good rating below so we can rise up in the rankings. If you didn’t, send us an email ([email protected]) and give us some suggestions. Thanks for listening.

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Chris Rix can’t handle the truth

So I went out and got absolutely shitfaced last night. Desperately looking for an outlet to waste time while I’m sitting at work, I was flipping through random blogs. Basically, I was just hoping to find something that can carry me for a half hour. After reading that David Beckham had a successful MLS debut against DC United, it occurred to me that I hadn’t checked to find out if there was a new round of “Becks” bashing. Quite frankly, I was just hoping to lob in some anonymous sarcastic comment like, “You’re right…..David Beckham stinks…..he’s only accounted for 3 of England’s last four international goals and probably every single one in the last three World Cups.”

Instead, I stumbled upon inspirational comedy. Raise your hands if you remember the Chris Rix Era at Florida State…..and Florida State fans……feel free to lower the middle finger you now have extended towards me. When historians look back on when Bobby Bowden started to lose his fastball, I guarantee they will point at the day Chris Rix was announced as the starting quarterback for Florida State. His tenure there was an unmitigated disaster as he was known throughout the college football universe for throwing interceptions at crucial times, an inability to lead in the clutch, and a swagger that reminded of an overwhelmed 17-year old trying to…..umm…”close the deal” for the first time.

Well, Mr. Rix has opened a Champions Training Academy to teach young players how to become a great quarterback. I think Flash Warner said it best when she remarked, that this would be like Michelle Wie running an academy called “Making the Cut on the PGA Tour”. I would add that Chris Rix being associated with the word “champion” is like Paris Hilton being associated with the word “chaste” or Lindsay Lohan being associated with the word “sober”. In a nutshell, it is absurd. Well Flash and a site she writes for are being threatened with a subpoena for stating this in an article…….or basically stating the obvious. Basically, Chris Rix is trying to intimidate a girl………..because quite frankly that is all he can intimidate.

See, Chris, in times like these, it’s best just to ignore critical blog entries because otherwise the whole thing just balloons out of control. And then you have more and more blogs weighing in. Clearly not championship strategy.