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Maybe `For Sale’ signs are tokens of affection in Tallahassee

Most of you probably didn’t even realize that Miami played Florida State this weekend. We can’t blame you; who wants to watch a rivalry match between a pair irrelevant, mediocre teams when the SEC is handing out early Halloween goodies like South Carolina/Vandy, Florida/Kentucky and LSU/Auburn. Well, even if a majority of the nation was unaware of the match-up, that’s doesn’t mean the Seminoles’ 37-29 loss went unnoticed.

After a tough night at the office and a near sleepless night at home, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden couldn’t help but notice the large “For Sale” sign on his lawn as he backed out of the driveway Sunday.

The big, bright red sign was mighty hard to miss sitting on the Bowden’s carefully manicured lush green lawn at one of the most prominent addresses in the capital city.

“It ain’t there now,” chuckled Bowden, who removed the sign. “I ain’t selling. I’ll save it for when I get ready to move.”

A prankster had placed the sign on the Bowden yard in the overnight darkness after archrival Miami defeated the Seminoles 37-29 with 13 points in the final 1:15.

Bowden said it reminded him of his days in West Virginia in the 1970s when he was once hung in effigy as well after a loss.

Don’t you people remember all the good times good ol’ Bobby made possible? Sure, he’s hit a bit of a rough patch recently, but throwing down a “For Sale” sign into his yard in the middle of the night is pretty cold. It’s not hanging him in effigy cold, but it’s still pretty frigid. It’s definitely on par with the cheap shot Glenn Dorsey got blindsided by.


[]: Prankster puts `For Sale’ sign on Bowden’s lawn

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So, if FSU athletes aren’t studying then what are they staring at all day long?

Bad news for Seminoles fans; you’re athletes are cheaters. But then again, so are your `athletic department academic assistance employees’. Yeah, and we’re supposed to believe that athletes across America don’t get preferential treatment.

School officials say two athletic department academic assistance employees have resigned and 23 athletes were implicated in cheating on tests given over the Internet. The athletes represent nine sports and 17 of the students are or have been on scholarship.

Officials could not identify the students and could not say which sports are involved because of federal confidentiality restrictions.

The students could face punishment from the university and NCAA including loss of eligibility. The NCAA also could sanction the university.

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this whole situation. It’s always sad to hear about students falling into the pratfalls of academic dishonesty. But, then again, it’s Florida State and we’ve always had a sneaking suspicion about their tactics. After all, this is the school that gave us Deion Sanders. Need we say more.


[]: Seminoles athletes accused of cheating
[CBS Sports]: Florida State says 23 athletes implicated in Internet cheating

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Chris Rix can’t handle the truth

So I went out and got absolutely shitfaced last night. Desperately looking for an outlet to waste time while I’m sitting at work, I was flipping through random blogs. Basically, I was just hoping to find something that can carry me for a half hour. After reading that David Beckham had a successful MLS debut against DC United, it occurred to me that I hadn’t checked to find out if there was a new round of “Becks” bashing. Quite frankly, I was just hoping to lob in some anonymous sarcastic comment like, “You’re right…..David Beckham stinks…..he’s only accounted for 3 of England’s last four international goals and probably every single one in the last three World Cups.”

Instead, I stumbled upon inspirational comedy. Raise your hands if you remember the Chris Rix Era at Florida State…..and Florida State fans……feel free to lower the middle finger you now have extended towards me. When historians look back on when Bobby Bowden started to lose his fastball, I guarantee they will point at the day Chris Rix was announced as the starting quarterback for Florida State. His tenure there was an unmitigated disaster as he was known throughout the college football universe for throwing interceptions at crucial times, an inability to lead in the clutch, and a swagger that reminded of an overwhelmed 17-year old trying to…..umm…”close the deal” for the first time.

Well, Mr. Rix has opened a Champions Training Academy to teach young players how to become a great quarterback. I think Flash Warner said it best when she remarked, that this would be like Michelle Wie running an academy called “Making the Cut on the PGA Tour”. I would add that Chris Rix being associated with the word “champion” is like Paris Hilton being associated with the word “chaste” or Lindsay Lohan being associated with the word “sober”. In a nutshell, it is absurd. Well Flash and a site she writes for are being threatened with a subpoena for stating this in an article…….or basically stating the obvious. Basically, Chris Rix is trying to intimidate a girl………..because quite frankly that is all he can intimidate.

See, Chris, in times like these, it’s best just to ignore critical blog entries because otherwise the whole thing just balloons out of control. And then you have more and more blogs weighing in. Clearly not championship strategy.

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Nov 13 in Sports History: College Football’s Game of the Century

In 1993: In a college football “Game of the Century” that actually lived up to the hype, no. 2 Notre Dame defeated top-ranked Florida State 31-24 in South Bend. The Irish dominated the Seminoles on the ground, racking up 239 yards rushing with Adrian Jarrell and Lee Becton leading the way to a 31-17 fourth quarter lead. Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward rallied the Seminoles to within seven and drove to the Notre Dame 15 in the final seconds, but a fourth down desperation passed was batted away at the goal line, sealing the win for Notre Dame and touching off a wild celebration. It was the eighth time Notre Dame defeated an opponent ranked first in the country. Florida State won the war, however, and ended up claiming the national championship after Notre Dame was upset by Boston College the following week. (

(Here’s video of the final play.)

In 1995: Dan Marino became the NFL’s all-time leading passer with 47,003 yards, passing Fran Tarkenton in a 34-17 home loss to the New England Patriots. Marino would go on to break just about every significant passing record in the NFL, including over 60,000 yards, 420 touchdowns, most 3,000-plus yard seasons (13) and most seasons throwing for 4,000-plus yards (six). He also broke the record for most career 300-yard passing games (51) against the Patriots (he ended up with 63). (

In 1993: On the same night Notre Dame and Florida State were writing their names in the history books for greatness, the Dallas Mavericks were writing their own story of ineptitude. The (very) pre-Cuban Mavs dropped a tight game to the Jazz 101-100. Dallas would not win again until two days before Christmas, dropping 20 in a row. Right after that win against Minnesota, the Mavs suffered 16 straight letdowns, resulting in 36 losses in 37 games. After a 6-7 stretch, they proceeded to drop another 17 straight games. At 9-66, they flirted with the 1973 Philadelphia Sixers as the worst-ever team, but they “rebounded” to win four of their last seven to end up 13-69. Funny thing was, it was an actual improvement over their 1992-1993 season, when they won a whopping 11 games. (