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We Love Eva Mendes

It’s been a while since we added any Women We Love.  I know you guys are sick of seeing the same women over and over so expect some fresh faces.  First to be added this year is Eva Mendes.  I’m not exactly sure why we love her, she hasn’t been in any decent movies, yet, she’s the only decent part of her movies.  I even watched Hitch with the very unfunny Kevin James because she’s in it.  I’ll shut up now as you’re undoubtedly just staring at the picture.

Please, if you can do a better job of describing why we love Eva, post a comment because I’m sure I’m not doing her justice.

Washington Nationals

Hey Jackass, it’s a glove, not a lottery ticket

After Livan Hernandez got lifted from the game on August 5th, he tossed his glove, hat and jacket into the stands.  Well the “fan” who walked out of the stadium with the glove decided it was worth $18k, season tickets next year, and playoff tickets this year.  Livan, thankfully, told him to cram it with walnuts.