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Superfan loses control, names twins Brett and Favre

The whole world is trying to come to grips with the life-altering news that Brett Favre has decided to hang up his cleats for good. And if you thought John Madden and Peter King were in a funk, just imagine how Wisconsin natives are holding up. But have no fear Cheeseheads because the legend of […]

Stephen Horner is such a cock block

Apparently Stephen Horner isn’t single and on the prowl. How do we know? Well, Horner is single-handedly trying to destroy the very thing that helps unhitched dudes become uncontrollably gitty and simultaneously sucks their wallets completely void of cash. Of course, we’re talking about “Ladies Night.” Horner went to a Colorado Rockies game last year […]

Tattoos are a great way to show team spirit, but they DO NOT always make you look cool

In this sports-crazed world we live in, there are four kinds of fans. You’ve got your “casual fan” that watches for fun and usually waits until the playoffs or the bowl season before getting into the spirit. The second type is the true “fan of the game”. These are the people who keep up with […]

At last, the chess club has someone to pick on

Okay finger jousters of America, you’re off the hook for now because we’ve finally found something that makes your lame little tickle fight look like a bar room brawl. We present to you the World Freehand Circle Drawing Championship. Circles really aren’t our thing, but if there’s a competitive league for freehand triangle drawing then […]

What ever happened to just watching the Super Bowl?

Are you addicted to gambling? Does the inability to wager on Super Bowl Sunday have you down? Are you pulling your hair out as you will yourself away from calling your bookie and placing a `sure fire’ bet on New England calling tails and choosing to kick? Well, if so, then we just might have […]

We’re sorry Golic, but losing to a camel is inexcusable. Turn in your Playa Card.

P.T. Barnum famously said “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Case in point, any moron who actually wagers big money on this year’s Super Bowl based on which friggin’ graham cracker Princess the camel decided to snack on first. Sadly though, we know there is some hard-luck loser out there somewhere willing to risk his […]

Mountaineers fans could learn a thing or two about tact from Raiders fans

We understand that football is a game of passion, even for the fans. However, sometimes, that passion can get out of hand. A prime example of this involves the hillbillies in West Virginia who are harassing and threatening family members of former Mountaineers coach turned Michigan man Rich Rodriguez. His mother, Arleen Rodriguez, told the […]

Frat boys rejoice over the creation of a table

Christmas is right around the corner and there are a bunch of entrepreneurial opportunists out there flooding the market with a whole lotta horrible products in hopes of grabbing a fat, green slice of this year’s yuletide pie. One of the absolute worst is Pong-A-Long, a portable table made exclusively for beer pong aficionados across […]

ESPN just loves being a wisenheimer

You might think that the NBA has a flawless relationship with “The Worldwide Leader in Sports,” but you’d be wrong. Even though the pair have a strong partnership together pumping hoops, as you’d expect, ESPN is basically the wild, bratty little sibling that the big brother NBA must keep in check from time to time. […]

Seriously ESPN, what is the point?

If you thought that ESPN‘s stupid “Who’s Now” filler segments were a complete and utter waste of your time then hold on tight because the mothership is basically throwing three minutes of every SportsCenter telecast straight down the toilet. Introducing the totally useless ESPNU Championship Series. Kirk Herbstreit: “We’re going to move USC into the […]

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