New England Patriots

Tattoos are a great way to show team spirit, but they DO NOT always make you look cool

In this sports-crazed world we live in, there are four kinds of fans. You’ve got your “casual fan” that watches for fun and usually waits until the playoffs or the bowl season before getting into the spirit. The second type is the true “fan of the game”. These are the people who keep up with sports in general, but don’t really have a loyalty to any particular team, choosing instead to love the game as a whole. Then there are the “super fans” – a.k.a. the obnoxious, annoying, in-your-face, one-trick ponies who worship the ground their particular team walks on. The last group is this guy.

After the Pats got shocked in the big game, Victor went back and had a dark-tinted face shield tattooed over his eyes to cover his tears of humiliation.

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