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Odds and Ends: Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. – it could happen

The war for fighting supremacy between boxing and mixed martial arts has been going on for a while now and it looks like we might finally get a little clarification on the matter. NBC Sports is reporting that there are talks going on concerning a boxing bout between the UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and […]

Odds and Ends: Watch out for the crackers!

Endorsement deal coming up Vancouver Canuck Brent Sopel enters the stupid injury hall of fame after he got a back spasm while bending down to pick up a cracker. He missed the morning practice and the epic 4 OT game last night between the Canucks and the Stars. That’s gotta be the weakest injury since […]

Why is Stu Scott such a tool?

Flipping through the channels between the Sharks-Oilers game and the Suns-Clippers game, we stumbled upon David Blaine’s aquaman event. The actual stunt was pretty stupid but we jumped in during the pre-taped magic portions. You gotta admit the trick where David Blaine removes a woman’s canines, chews em up and spits it back intact into […]

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