Odds and Ends: Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. – it could happen

The war for fighting supremacy between boxing and mixed martial arts has been going on for a while now and it looks like we might finally get a little clarification on the matter. NBC Sports is reporting that there are talks going on concerning a boxing bout between the UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and boxer Roy Jones Jr.

Alan Hopper, director of public relations for Don King Productions confirmed that talks are ongoing, and characterized them as “preliminary.”

“Roy likes the idea and is up for it,” Hopper said. “It’s being discussed. Roy will only agree if the match takes place under the rules of boxing, and UFC would have to clear Silva’s participation.

Making the fight a boxing match clearly gives the advantage to Jones Jr., but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an interesting contest. If the WWE‘s Big Show takes down Floyd Mayweather Jr. at WrestleMania and Silva knocks off Roy Jones Jr. then it could be nighty-night for boxing. It’s a black eye at the very least.

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Vancouver Canucks

Odds and Ends: Watch out for the crackers!

Endorsement deal coming up

Vancouver Canuck Brent Sopel enters the stupid injury hall of fame after he got a back spasm while bending down to pick up a cracker. He missed the morning practice and the epic 4 OT game last night between the Canucks and the Stars. That’s gotta be the weakest injury since Marty Cordova missed a game because he spent too much time under a tanning bed.

What? Were you expecting a Chris Rock joke?

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General Sports

Why is Stu Scott such a tool?

Flipping through the channels between the Sharks-Oilers game and the Suns-Clippers game, we stumbled upon David Blaine’s aquaman event. The actual stunt was pretty stupid but we jumped in during the pre-taped magic portions. You gotta admit the trick where David Blaine removes a woman’s canines, chews em up and spits it back intact into her mouth was pretty mindblowing. Not so much for the trick itself but how he could convince the woman that her teeth were actually gone.

Well, that got us hooked. Until we started hearing a familiar, yet irritating tones of… who is it… can’t quite figure it out… mental calculation… ESPN… ABC… oh f’ing hell.. it’s Boo-Ya Scott. Why ABC/ESPN still think people enjoy hearing Stu Scott cover anything is beyond us. At one point, describing the damage that could happen to David Blaine’s hands as a result of the water logging, Stu asked us to imagine anyone who made a living with their hands: a concert pianist, a surgeon…. Tiger Woods. What the? Tiger Woods? Way to drop some knowledge on us, Stu.

Stu Scott, thankfully, left the “holla at your boy” and “underwater like the okey-doke” schtick at the ESPN set, but that didn’t stop us from hating ESPN, ABC, and Stu Scott for ruining more of our watching experience.

Among the great unanswered questions in our lives are: how is Keith Richards still alive and why does Stu Scott have a job?