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"Rowdy" Razorback Darren McFadden gets cuffed outside a bar

Now that the college football season is over and done, the next date to circle on the calendar is NFL Draft day. And between now and then, you’re going to hear a lot about the Arkansas Razorbacks Mr. All-Purpose Darren McFadden. Well, the McFadden jabber has begun, but it’s not regarding his on-field prowess.

Razorback Darren McFadden was involved in a fight at a local bar and was placed in handcuffs. Around 12:15 Thursday morning, D-Mac got into an argument at a bar in downtown Little Rock.

The fight involved one of the bar bouncers. Authorities say that one of McFadden’s relatives was being escorted out of Ernie Biggs when McFadden and the people he was with got involved in a fight with Brant Hankins, the bouncer.

The argument went into the streets of the Rivermarket where the Little Rock Police Department put D-Mac in handcuffs for “agitated and provoking aggressive behavior.” Once he calmed down the handcuffs were removed.

So far, he has not been charged, but this could be a battery 3rd degree charge if Hankins presses charges.

According to, Hankins was punched in the face as he escorted the group from the bar. It’s unclear if McFadden was the culprit in the punching, but cops say the two-time Heisman runner up was being pretty “rowdy.”.

There was a whole bunch of people there,” [police Lt. Terry] Hastings said. “They were inside and it spilled out into the street.”

Outside, McFadden was handcuffed by a police officer “because he was agitated and was provoking aggressive behavior inciting the incident,” according to the police report.

“We handcuffed him for a few minutes because he was rowdy,” Hastings said.

McFadden, who was the only person handcuffed, was released after he calmed down. Hastings said it was routine procedure to handcuff a person to gain control of a situation.

We know this is McFadden’s second bar fight in recent history, but we really hope this was just a random incident and not the beginning of a self-destructive pattern of behavior. This guy is way too talented to be on the wrong side of the law. Needless to say, the only time McFadden should ever be handcuffed is when NFL fantasy owners pickup his backup at next season’s draft.


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Bobby Petrino appreciates the Falcons hard work. Geez, thanks.

As if slipping out the back door just a day after coaching the Falcons in a Monday Night Football contest wasn’t pathetic enough for Bobby Petrino, the new Arkansas Razorbacks coach doesn’t even have the guts to talk to his old team like a man. Instead of facing his former squad to explain his sudden change of heart, possibly for fear of having snarling pit bulls released on him, Petrino decided to let his fingers do the talking and wrote his ex-players a letter that was posted in the locker room on Wednesday.

Atlanta Falcons players;

Out of my respect for you, I am letting you know, with a heavy heart, I resigned today as the Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons. This decision was not easy but was made in the best interest of me and my family. While my desire would have been to finish out what has been a difficult season for us all, circumstances did not allow me to do so. I appreciate your hard work and wish the best.


Bobby Petrino”

The letter was hand signed.

Now that’s classy. Arkansas should be proud to have such a stand up guy leading their charge to the top of the SEC.

Unfortunately, while Michael Vick can be put in the slammer for his stupidity and cowardly behavior, Petrino gets a sweet office and a plump paycheck. Personally, we don’t know how the guy is going to live with himself after this act of gutless betrayal and his half-hearted, callous and insulting attempt at an apology. Guess he’ll be spending a lot of time with fellow Judas and notable NFL back stabber, conference colleague Nick Saban.


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Falcons get the shaft from Bobby Petrino

The big news today revolves around Bobby Petrino’s controversial, middle of the night, bolt from Atlanta to Arkansas. While we could talk about just how embarrassing it is for the coach to stab his former team in the back before the season even concluded, it is so much easier to let Petrino’s press conference pig call do the humiliating for us.

Oh, and coach, don’t let DeAngelo Hall see you doing that on the street. He’s not a big fan of yours at the moment.

C’mon, DeAngelo; it’s nothing personal. His heart just wasn’t in the pros. If you’re going to criticize him for anything it should be because he simply loves the college kids too much. The fact that Atlanta is currently swirling around the NFL toilet bowl with a 3-10 record while constantly living out the Michael Vick saga on a day-to-day basis had absolutely nothing to do with the jump.

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McFadden. Meet McFadden, buy his prehistoric Flintstones gear

It’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s Halloween costume. Most people will wait until the last minute and end up with some stupid Flintstones costume, but if you’re proactive then next year you could impress everybody at the big party with your stupid Flintstones’ costume that was once worn by Darren McFadden.

The Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble costumes Arkansas’ Bedrock backfield of Darren McFadden and Felix Jones sported on Halloween are going up for auction on Thursday afternoon with the proceeds going to charity.

The auction will be open for more than a week and will close on Friday, Nov. 16, at 3 p.m. Both costumes will be sold together and will include an autographed picture of Darren and Felix wearing the costumes.

The money from the auction will be split with half being donated to Darren’s hometown Boys and Girls Club in Little Rock, while the other half of the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club in Felix’s hometown of Tulsa, Okla.

Both Darren and Felix donned the costumes on Halloween and attended classes, mingled with students and then met the media at the student union during lunch.

Uh-oh, this guy seems pretty uninhibited and he’s willing to make himself the butt of jokes. Watch your back, Clinton Portis; McFadden’s impending arrival to Sunday football could mean the end of your role as the league’s goofiest goofball.


[]: McFadden and Jones’ Halloween Costumes Go Up for Auction for Charity

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Now Darren McFadden sees the SEC single-game rushing record, now he doesn’t (sorta)

On Sunday, Adrian Peterson showed off his skillz once again to the NFL. But we’re thinking that he might have just been doing his best Darren McFadden impression. Of course, Peterson can’t afford to have the same thing happen to him that happened to McFadden if he wants to hold onto the single game all-time rushing record.

Darren McFadden had two yards subtracted from his rushing total from Saturday night, meaning he only tied the Southeastern Conference single-game record.

McFadden was initially credited with 323 yards on 35 carries in Arkansas’ 48-36 win over South Carolina, but Razorbacks spokesman Kevin Trainor said Sunday that a review of the film showed the star tailback was given too many yards. A 3-yard run by Felix Jones was mistakenly credited to McFadden, and McFadden was shortchanged a yard on one of his carries.

McFadden is now credited with 321 yards on 34 carries. Jones’ updated totals for Saturday night: 13 carries for 166 yards.

Vanderbilt’s Frank Mordica rushed for 321 yards in a 1978 game.

Sure, it’s a total bummer that McFadden lost sole possession of the record, but we’re not going to be shedding any tears for him just yet. According to, McFadden moved from No. 10 to No. 5 on the SEC career rushing list. In the game, he jumped Carnell Williams, Sonny Collins, Emmitt Smith, Charles Alexander and Dalton Hilliard by racking up 4,076 4,074 yards on the ground for his career.

And since we brought up Peterson who broke Jamal Lewis’ single game rushing record by one yard on Sunday, why not compare what could possibly be the greatest one-two punch in a single weekend between a pro and college back.

Adrian Peterson vs. San Diego: 30 carries, 296 yards, 9.9 yard average, 3 TDs; 1 catch, 19 yards

Darren McFadden vs. South Carolina: 34 carries, 321 yards, 9.4 yard average, 1 TD; 1 catch, 4 yards; 1/1 passing, 23 yards, 1 TD; 2 kick returns, 30 yards


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