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Rack em up and get us another round

We all know that there’s nothing better than heading to your favorite local watering hole and throwing back one or two or 17 brewskis. It’s always a good time. But even with a bottomless supply of alcohol at your fingertips, without entertainment, a bar is basically useless. And when we say we entertainment, we pretty […]

Release. Rotation. Splash!

Remember back when LeBron James slam dunked his brand new baby boy during the ESPYs? Well, a bunch of people got all bent out of shape over the skit, saying that tomahawking a newborn somehow shows poor taste. Where are those people when you need `em? Links: []: Pool Basketball

Chicken egg, corner pocket

If you ever run across this chicken in a pool hall, DO NOT play for money. She’s a hustler and you’ve been warned. Hey, at least you’re in know now. We lost $250 to the little plucker!

Nothing says awesome like pool and dominoes

We don’t know what show this clip is from, but we’re guessing that it’s the equivalent of America’s Got Talent. And even though there’s no Hoff in the house, you can still color us impressed by this gimmick. You gotta admit, it’s a helluva lot better than the crappy “talents” we get stuck with here […]

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