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Michigan coach Kevin Borseth goes Mike Gundy following a loss

When it comes to women’s basketball, what would you say is the most important aspect of the game. Did you say offensive rebounding? You didn’t! Well, you’d be dead wrong if you said that to the lady Wolverines coach Kevin Borseth. Totally, totally, totally wrong. Links: [The Big Lead]: Michigan Loses, Coach Melts Down at […]

Mountaineers fans could learn a thing or two about tact from Raiders fans

We understand that football is a game of passion, even for the fans. However, sometimes, that passion can get out of hand. A prime example of this involves the hillbillies in West Virginia who are harassing and threatening family members of former Mountaineers coach turned Michigan man Rich Rodriguez. His mother, Arleen Rodriguez, told the […]

You wanna get Jay Bilas fired up? Just mention Michigan

Jay Bilas is usually a fairly reserved guy from what we can tell. Sure, he can be annoying at times because he’ll talk Xs and Os until you’re blue in the face, but he still seems like a pretty nice fellow. But it seems that Bilas has a sore spot when it comes to Michigan […]

Ryan Mallett’s mom says don’t believe the hype

Now that Lloyd Carr is retired and the excitement surrounding his final bowl game has died, the Michigan football program can finally return to normal. Well, maybe not. After all, now it’s time to talk transition, as in transitioning into the Rich Rodriguez era; an era Ryan Mallett probably wishes wouldn’t have started. Mallett is […]

Appalachian State has spirit, yes they do! ASU has spirit, how `bout you!

It’s Tuesday and after two full days of letting it sink in, you probably still can’t believe that Appalachian State knocked off No. 5 Michigan in the Big House on opening day. Well, believe it, it actually happened. A lot of people are even calling it the biggest upset in college football history. For a […]

Two Michigan football players in minor drug stop

According to the Monroe News, two Wolverines were in a car that was pulled over by Michigan State Police last week. Sources said a small amount of marijuana and tablets of Vicodin, a painkiller, were found in the car. A passenger in the car apparently told police at the scene that he had a legal […]

Legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler dies

Bo Schembechler was on the WXYZ studio set before a taping of the “Big Ten Ticket” television show when he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital and died. Last month, Schembechler had a pacemaker inserted to help regulate his heartbeat. He had previously had two heart attacks and two quadruple heart bypass operations. We […]

Odds and Ends: A vote for Ohio State

Are you having trouble deciding who to root for in the uber-hyped Game of the Century between Ohio State and Michigan this weekend? Well, maybe this will sway you in the direction of the Buckeyes. Steve Snapp, associate athletics director for communications, turned down a ticket request from the band Nickelback. “I told them, `Not […]

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