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"Rock. Chalk. Championship."

Hopefully you didn’t go to bed and give up on the Jayhawks when they were in a nine-point hole with two minutes left in regulation – that’s right, we said regulation – because if you did then you missed one of the greatest finishes to a championship game in tourney history. Mario Chalmers sank a […]

Derrick Rose loves gummy bears, but still hates needles

If you think your diet goes straight to hell during March Madness then at least you’re not alone. There’s no telling how many nachos, hotdogs, soda and microwave pizzas we’ve pounded since opening day. But we’re used to it; we find some sporting event every weekend in order to indulge. Heck, we tuned into the […]

John Calipari is not happy after Tigers get thrown in the slammer

A pair of Memphis basketballers got arrested early Sunday morning outside of a nightclub for disorderly conduct and inciting a riot after officers responded to a disturbance at 3:36 a.m. Sophomore Shawn Taggart and freshman Jeff Robinson were accused by club security of starting the incident, but police seemed to disagree. Regardless, the two made […]

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