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When Peyton says it’s a pass play, it’s a pass play dammit!

It feels like the NFL season has been over for eons now and we’re beginning to get antsy. We thought the Draft might keep us sustained until they finally kickoff, but that didn’t work. Luckily we’ve come across this video of Peyton Manning throwing a hissy-fit and his offensive lineman putting him in check. See […]

How many seconds of beer ads did you count during March Madness?

Personally, we love beer. Can’t get enough of the stuff. However, some people – namely over 100 college presidents and A.D.s – have a problem with the excessive beer commercials that ran during the NCAA Tournament. Now, while we love the suds, we really hate some of those stupid ads because A) they’re stupid, and […]

John Calipari is not happy after Tigers get thrown in the slammer

A pair of Memphis basketballers got arrested early Sunday morning outside of a nightclub for disorderly conduct and inciting a riot after officers responded to a disturbance at 3:36 a.m. Sophomore Shawn Taggart and freshman Jeff Robinson were accused by club security of starting the incident, but police seemed to disagree. Regardless, the two made […]

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