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Touchdown celebrations just aren’t what they used to be

2007 was definitely a down year for clever touchdown celebrations in the National Football League, we mean the No Fun League. Chad Johnson tried his best to get the year off to a good start, but, unfortunately, donning a “Future Hall of Famer” jacket was both the highlight and lowlight of end zone elation this […]

No one compares to the Pats for Pat Noone, not even Mrs. Noone

We all love to say that we’re our favorite team’s No. 1 fan. Some of us could even make a legitimate case to receive such an award. But in the end, we all pale in comparison to the one, the only, the undeniable king of extreme, New England Patriots superfan Pat Noone. Consider this: For […]

Forget about SkyCam, we want the audio exclusives

We propose that every major sports association makes it mandatory for coaches and players to wear microphones during every game. Call us crazy, but we’d almost rather hear the chit chat on the field than some of these loser broadcast crews. Think about it; would you rather hear Mike Tirico blabber for three hours on […]

Huskers fans are more aggressive than the Blackshirts this year

Lots of people take college football very, very seriously. Unfortunately, at some point their passion can turn to disgust and when that happens, they cross the line from being a fan into being a cell mate with Nailz. Police are trying to track down an unknown male who called Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove early […]

Three Iowa football players investigated for sexual assault

Well, we don’t know much about this case, but we do know that some University of Iowa football players are complete wastes of flesh. The coppers are investigating a case of sexual assault involving three Hawkeye players that happened on October 14 on campus at the Hillcrest Residence Hall, but it wasn’t reported by the […]

Wake up, wake up, wake up; it’s the first of the month

Hooray!! October is finally over. Don’t get us wrong, October has its good points. First off, there was college football. And then there was college football. Oh, can’t forget college football, more college football, a little pro football and then there was college football. You get the point. Anyways, it’s nothing personal, but sorry, No. […]

Gimme an `O’! Gimme a `U’! Gimme a `C’! Gimme a `H’! What’s that spell?

You know those stupid banners that high school teams go ripping through before games? Well, they’re dangerous. Actually, it’s not the banners that are dangerous, it’s the players running through `em. We love how the station goes with the informative yet humiliating approach to this piece. Happy Homecoming Homecoming Princess! Links: [Awful Announcing]: Wait Guys! […]

Down! Set! Blue 42! Blue 42! Hut! Hut! Bowl!

We’re glad that there is still some fun and laughter left in bowling. After the infamous underground pug bowling scandal videos surfaced in April of `06, we weren’t sure if a game of Ten Pin would ever make us smile again.

"Crack open an ice cold Bud Light O’ Emperor of Excuses"

If you know anything about anything then you know all about the Real Men of Genius.  Let’s see, there’s Mr. Driving Range Ball Picker Upper, Mr. Pro Wrestling Wardrobe Designer, Mr. Outside the Stadium Peanut Seller, Mr. Hawaiian Shirt Pattern Designer and Mr. Really, Really Tight Jean Wearer.  Then you’ve got Mr. Bathroom Stall Dirty […]

Boise State might not have a large fan base, but they make up for it in prestige

If you haven’t noticed, Boise State has played back-to-back games on Sunday. Despite the fact they could probably hang with the Miami Dolphins, the Broncos have not been promoted to the NFL. No, as usual, it’s ESPN who’s to blame for yesterday’s match-up between Boise State and Nevada. While some people are complaining about the […]

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