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You can breathe easy now security guards, Jerry the Gate Crasher is in custody

With tickets to games becoming more and more obscenely expensive, it’s getting harder and harder to see those big events without dropping a month’s salary just to get into the door. Well, if you are innovative enough, dedicated enough and ballsy enough then there are alternatives. You’ve heard of “wedding crashers” and you’ve heard of “party crashers,” but have you heard of a “gate crasher” before? If you haven’t then you need familiarize yourself with Jerry Berliant because he is THE greatest gate crasher of all gate crashers – and now he’s in jail.

Jerry Berliant was caught trying to sneak into the NCAA tournament at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

Berliant goes by the nickname “Jerry the Gate Crasher.”

Denver police arrested Berliant Thursday night when he used a fake press pass to get into the Pepsi Center. Police said they found much more incriminating evidence after searching him.

“After the officers contacted him, they were able to determine, wow there are many, many more fake business cards with his name on it,” Det. John White with Denver police said. “Different professions, other media and press credentials. So this guy was an expert.”

Berliant has been spotted at events including Super Bowls, prize fights and the Oscars. He has even bragged that he crashed the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Obviously we have a lot to learn because we can’t even get past the 16-year-old acne-riddled kid at the movie theatre!


[]: Infamous `Gate Crasher’ Arrested At Pepsi Center

Minnesota Vikings

Bryant McKinnie arrested after spitting and hitting

The Minnesota Vikings are at it again. Only this time, the good stuff is going down on dry land instead of on the Love Boat. Vikes tackle Bryant McKinnie went Street Fighter early Sunday morning, brawling outside of a Miami club. McKinnie found himself in the pokey as a result, arrested on counts of aggravated battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence. Nice work, Bryant.

Authorities were called to Club Space after a fight broke out. McKinnie had been thrown out by a nightclub security guard and was arguing and spit on Eric Otero, according to a police report.

Otero, 32, said he wouldn’t press charges if McKinnie left. Authorities said the former University of Miami football player then went to a nearby strip club, but later returned to Club Space and fought with Otero again.

Miami Police found McKinnie “in the middle of a large crowd, throwing punches and again yelling obscenities,” according to the police report.

Police told McKinnie to stop. He refused and boarded a bus. The bus driver was ordered not to drive away.

McKinnie, who has been a staple on the Vikings offensive line since being drafted out of Miami in 2002, was arrested and bonded out for $9,000 at 2:25 p.m., Miami-Dade County Corrections Department spokeswoman Janelle Hall said.

It’s pretty impressive when you think about it. McKinnie has criminal charges against him on the ground and on the water, so the only place left for McKinnie to get into trouble is in the sky.


[]: Viking’s tackle arrested after street fight

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The fun never ends when you’re O.J. Simpson’s old lady

Things just keep getting worse and worse for the Juice – actually things just keep getting worse and worse for people around the Juice. Reports surfaced on Thursday that O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend (that’s her first mistake) Christie Prody was hospitalized after supposedly falling and hitting her head. However, according to doctors, the injuries and the story don’t seem to add up, leading to the claim that her “severe head injury” could be a result of typical Simpson rage.

Now, we’re not ones to make jest of other people’s pain; luckily, Best Week Ever is. So, without further ado, we give to you their list of Top 10 Excuses Given to Doctors By O.J.’s Girlfriends.

10. “My boyfriend was just cleaning out his fist collection, and one accidentally went off.”

9. “My boyfriend bought me a rose for Valentine’s Day, only he forgot to take the thorns off. So you can imagine, when he ran the rose across my neck and face and body… things got a little bloody.”

8. “My best friend and I were playing doubles tennis. And she accidentally hit me in the face with the handle of a gun.”

7. “Doctor, it’s the strangest thing. I’m walkin’ down the street, mindin’ my own business, just walkin’ along, feelin’ good. I walk around a corner. A man walk up, hit me in my chest, right? I fall on the ground, right? And I look up, and it’s Dr. Martin Luther King! I said, `Dr. King!’ He said, `Whoops, I thought you was somebody else.'”

6. “I walked into my mom’s fist-shaped doorknob.”

5. “I was shopping at Barney’s, when I slipped and fell in their Medieval Armor department.”

4. “The Jews.”

3. “I accidentally knocked over my boyfriend’s Heismann trophy, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a 4 by 4 fell from the ceiling and hit me on the back of the head.”

2. “I was doing some light gardening when some friends of my boyfriend, including Chris Noth, David Justice, Josh Brolin, Phil Spector and Robert Blake, came by to tell me what a great job I was doing on my rose garden. Then I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs.”

1. “I’m O.J.’s Girlfriend.”


[Best Week Ever]: The Top 10 Excuses Given To Doctors By O.J.’s Girlfriends

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Warning: Kids, do NOT shower in front of your coach’s duffle bag!

Say what you will about former Texas Tech and Indiana coach Bob Knight, but Bob Knight would never, and we mean NEVER, do something like this.

A complaint filed in U.S. District Court accuses a Webster City middle school coach of using minors with the intent to produce child pornography.

A mini cassette believed to belong to Shawn Mofle, 41, the seventh-grade basketball coach at Webster City Middle School, contained images taken in a locker room at the school, the complaint alleges.

When police officer Shiloh Mork viewed the video, it appeared to have been filmed on four separate dates in January, according to the complaint filed Jan. 30. The video contained images of juvenile boys showering in a locker room.

The video appeared to have been made with a video camera placed in an object such as a duffle bag, the complaint said.

The camera was positioned and then repositioned to maintain focus on the boys groin area. It is clear the videos were not taken accidentally, the complaint said.

Suddenly, strangling, screaming, cussing, hitting and chair throwing look pretty respectable, huh?


[]: Webster City coach faces pornography charge

LA Lakers

Around the Rim: Kobe + Pau = Kapow!

1. Gasol watches as Bryant shows off
Just because the Lakers traded for Pau Gasol doesn’t mean they need him; at least, not against the Wizards. Kobe Bryant exploded upon tipoff, scoring 19 points in the first quarter and leading Los Angeles to a 30-15 lead after 12 minutes. By the end of the game, Bryant scored 30 points and the Lakers left D.C. with a 103-91 victory. Gasol was picked up on Friday, but Lakers coach Phil Jackson isn’t rushing the former All-Star into the lineup, choosing instead to let Gasol get some practice team with the team first while simultaneously healing a nagging injury. Antawn Jamison finished with 21 points and 11 rebounds while Caron Butler scored 15 in defeat.

2. Bad Boy beatdown

The Mavericks are trying to catch up with the Hornets in the Southwest Division, but Detroit didn’t do Dallas any favors on Sunday, whooping them by 23 points, 90-67. The Mavericks were pathetic on offense, scoring just 29 points in the entire second half. Perhaps the Pistons defense played a role in Dallas’ defeat. Detroit held the Mavs to 23-of-76 from the field (2-14 3FG) while stealing five balls and blocking eight shots. Rasheed Wallace recorded four blocks to go with 21 points and nine rebounds. Dirk Nowitzki shot three-of-18 from the field, including missing all five of his three-point attempts and he didn’t do much better on defense. In fact, Sheed let the entire Dallas bench know exactly what he thought of Dirk’s Irk’s defense, yelling “He can’t guard me!” after dropping a bucket on Nowitzki’s head.

3. Somebody’s gonna have one heck of a 4th of July this year
There were plenty of fireworks on the court for the Pistons on Sunday, but it didn’t matter how badly Detroit spanked Dallas, the team would still be looking for more.

Officials say a trailer has been stolen that was carrying pyrotechnics to be set off before the Detroit Pistons game against the Dallas Mavericks at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

The theft was discovered Sunday morning by employees of Windsor, Ontario-based Band-Ayd Systems International Inc. at a company facility in Warren.

Band-Ayd President Nino De Benedetti says the trailer contains about $75,000 worth of pyrotechnics and gear, and the trailer itself is worth $8,000. The trailer held liquid propane and noisemaking devices.

The company is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of the equipment, no questions asked.

Sunday’s Player of the Day: Rasheed Wallace vs. Dallas 34 min, 21 pts (FG: 9-18, 3FG: 3-4), 9 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl, 4 blk

Monday’s Game to Watch: New Orleans (32-14) @ Utah (30-18)
Utah was slipping down a slippery slope a month or so ago, but that was before they signed Kyle Korver. Since Korver and his deadeye from behind the arc joined the Jazz, they have won 14 of their last 16 games, including their current eight game winning streak. The Hornets know all about winning streaks, but recently they’ve been getting an education of losing spells. After winning 17-of-19 games and earning the best record in the Western Conference, the Hornets lost their last two games, allowing Phoenix to slide into the top spot. New Orleans has been stewing over their pair of defeats since Friday and should be ready to make a statement against the hottest team in the NBA.

Buzzer Beater: To Americans, when the Rockets and the Bucks get together it serves as a perfect opportunity to clear a few hours of American Idol off their DVRs. But to China, it is must see TV. An estimated 200 million people tuned in on Saturday evening to watch the Rockets escape Milwaukee with a 91-83 victory. The main attractions were rather mundane as Yao Ming finished with 12 points and 12 rebounds while Yi Jianlian went one-of-10 from the field for six points and seven rebounds.

NFL General

We heard Alonzo Spellman was committed to fighting, but we thought he meant MMA

That nutty ol’ Alonzo Spellman was at it again on Tuesday. The former Bear/Cowboy/Lion found himself in the pokey after playing a game of vehicular tag with the po-pos in Tulsa, OK. Oh, what will he do next?

Spellman was arrested on complaints of traffic violations and resisting arrest and booked into the Tulsa County Jail, police spokesman Leland Ashley said.

The chase began at 12:23 p.m. after officers responded to a disturbance at a convenience store in midtown Tulsa, Ashley said. When officers arrived, Spellman got into a green Chrysler Pacifica and drove away, Ashley said.

“He took us on a little pursuit through the city,” Ashley said. “We had to use stop sticks that took out three of his tires.”

After the vehicle stopped, Spellman refused to get out of the car for about 20 minutes until officers fired “pepper bullets” through the windows.

Too bad the crew of Delta Flight 2038 didn’t have “pepper bullets” back when Spellman went post 9/11 bat crap crazy at 30,000 feet above sea level.

According to court documents, Spellman verbally abused a flight attendant, essentially threatening to kill her for interfering. When a young mother of two asked him to stop using profanity, Spellman turned on her. He called Karen Weaver, among other things, a whore and told her to silence her crying baby.

When the plane landed and he was approached by Captain Robert Freund, Spellman said, “I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my hands. I’m about to rip your throat out.”

If police came aboard, Spellman said, “They are going to have to carry me off in a body bag.


[]: Alonzo Spellman Arrested After Chase
[]: Alonzo Spellman arrested


Soccer done done it again

Another reason to be suspicious of all things soccer surfaced on Monday when news came out about Howard University’s men’s soccer coach Joseph Okoh going to the slammer after falling for the old ’13-year-old girl on the internet wants to have sex with me gag’. Man, where’s Chris Hansen when you need him?

Joseph E. Okoh, 40, was caught in a sting operation conducted by the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office as part of the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, authorities said.

Okoh, of Arlington, allegedly traveled to Louisa County thinking he would meet the girl, authorities said. The person turned out to be an undercover investigator, and Okoh was charged with using a communications system to solicit a person under 15 with lascivious intent, a felony.

He has been suspended from all Howard University activities and duties pending completion of the investigation, school officials said.

Okoh, who was arrested Friday, was held without bond after a hearing at the Louisa County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. He has a follow-up hearing scheduled for Friday, authorities said.

We’re not sure what this waste is facing, but we’re hoping it’s a long time; 13 years sounds appropriate. And we’ve seen Oz enough times to know what happens in those cells. So when he finally gets out, hopefully he’ll be using the internet in its intended fashion, instead of as a perverted sex machine.


[]: Howard Men’s Soccer Coach Arrested in Youth Sex Sting
[]: Howard University head soccer coach arrested

Green Bay Packers

Some Packers fans braved the frozen tundra only to get booted from Lambeau

If your team can’t make the championship game then you might as well make some money off the event, right? Eh, only if you want to watch the next three decades worth of NFC Championship games on a correctional center’s rec room television.

A 41-year-old Chicago man has been charged with five counts of forgery for selling counterfeit NFC Championship game tickets.

Kenneth Lee collected more than $4,000 from a handful of people after selling them tickets through the Web site craigslist, according to a criminal complaint filed in Brown County Circuit Court.

Lee was one of five people arrested for selling fake tickets to the game. The four others did not appear in court Tuesday.

About a dozen people paid between $300 and $900 for counterfeit tickets to the game. Some fans didn’t find out their tickets were fake until they sat in the seats and were removed from the stadium by an usher once people with real tickets showed up, police said.

Face value for tickets to Sunday’s game was $148.

A cash bond of $50,000 was issued for Lee, who is scheduled to appear in court again Jan. 29. He faces up to 30 years in prison and $50,000 in fines if convicted.

Wow, 30 years in the slammer for forging tickets!! And Michael Vick might be in an NFL uniform in how long?? Did our counterfeiter electrocute someone we don’t know about?


[]: Chicagoan Charged With Forgery Of Packers Tix

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay: home to Brett Favre, Cheeseheads and our first Father of the Year nominee

2008 is just barely underway, but we’ve already got a serious contender for “Father of the Year.” His name is Mathew Kowald and he’s got an abnormal obsession with the Green Bay Packers and tape.

Upset that his 7-year-old son wouldn’t wear a Green Bay Packers jersey during the team’s playoff victory Saturday, a man restrained the boy for an hour with tape and taped the jersey onto him.

Mathew Kowald was cited for disorderly conduct in connection with the incident with his son at their home in Pardeeville, Lt. Wayne Smith of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department said. Pardeeville is about 30 miles north of Madison.

The 36-year-old Kowald was arrested Monday after his wife told authorities about the incident. Kowald was taken to the county jail and held until Wednesday, when he pleaded no contest, paid a fine of $186 and was released.

Kowald’s wife filed a restraining order Wednesday, so Kowald will not be able to have contact with his family, Smith said. Smith said other domestic issues have surfaced, though he wouldn’t elaborate.

The boy refused to wear the jersey Saturday, when the Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks in a playoff game, Smith said. Smith said the incident sounded strange when reported at first, but the mother took pictures with her cell phone and that type of evidence is difficult to dispute.

While we think that duct taping a No. 4 jersey onto your kid is pretty despicable, funny but despicable, there are some kids out there who would love to be taped to a chair for a change.


[]: Father arrested for taping Packers jersey to son

College Football

"Rowdy" Razorback Darren McFadden gets cuffed outside a bar

Now that the college football season is over and done, the next date to circle on the calendar is NFL Draft day. And between now and then, you’re going to hear a lot about the Arkansas Razorbacks Mr. All-Purpose Darren McFadden. Well, the McFadden jabber has begun, but it’s not regarding his on-field prowess.

Razorback Darren McFadden was involved in a fight at a local bar and was placed in handcuffs. Around 12:15 Thursday morning, D-Mac got into an argument at a bar in downtown Little Rock.

The fight involved one of the bar bouncers. Authorities say that one of McFadden’s relatives was being escorted out of Ernie Biggs when McFadden and the people he was with got involved in a fight with Brant Hankins, the bouncer.

The argument went into the streets of the Rivermarket where the Little Rock Police Department put D-Mac in handcuffs for “agitated and provoking aggressive behavior.” Once he calmed down the handcuffs were removed.

So far, he has not been charged, but this could be a battery 3rd degree charge if Hankins presses charges.

According to, Hankins was punched in the face as he escorted the group from the bar. It’s unclear if McFadden was the culprit in the punching, but cops say the two-time Heisman runner up was being pretty “rowdy.”.

There was a whole bunch of people there,” [police Lt. Terry] Hastings said. “They were inside and it spilled out into the street.”

Outside, McFadden was handcuffed by a police officer “because he was agitated and was provoking aggressive behavior inciting the incident,” according to the police report.

“We handcuffed him for a few minutes because he was rowdy,” Hastings said.

McFadden, who was the only person handcuffed, was released after he calmed down. Hastings said it was routine procedure to handcuff a person to gain control of a situation.

We know this is McFadden’s second bar fight in recent history, but we really hope this was just a random incident and not the beginning of a self-destructive pattern of behavior. This guy is way too talented to be on the wrong side of the law. Needless to say, the only time McFadden should ever be handcuffed is when NFL fantasy owners pickup his backup at next season’s draft.


[]: Darren McFadden in Fight at Little Rock Bar
[]: McFadden handcuffed briefly in bar fight