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You can breathe easy now security guards, Jerry the Gate Crasher is in custody

With tickets to games becoming more and more obscenely expensive, it’s getting harder and harder to see those big events without dropping a month’s salary just to get into the door. Well, if you are innovative enough, dedicated enough and ballsy enough then there are alternatives. You’ve heard of “wedding crashers” and you’ve heard of “party crashers,” but have you heard of a “gate crasher” before? If you haven’t then you need familiarize yourself with Jerry Berliant because he is THE greatest gate crasher of all gate crashers – and now he’s in jail.

Jerry Berliant was caught trying to sneak into the NCAA tournament at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

Berliant goes by the nickname “Jerry the Gate Crasher.”

Denver police arrested Berliant Thursday night when he used a fake press pass to get into the Pepsi Center. Police said they found much more incriminating evidence after searching him.

“After the officers contacted him, they were able to determine, wow there are many, many more fake business cards with his name on it,” Det. John White with Denver police said. “Different professions, other media and press credentials. So this guy was an expert.”

Berliant has been spotted at events including Super Bowls, prize fights and the Oscars. He has even bragged that he crashed the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Obviously we have a lot to learn because we can’t even get past the 16-year-old acne-riddled kid at the movie theatre!


[]: Infamous `Gate Crasher’ Arrested At Pepsi Center

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